5 Ways to Style Your Bedroom with SnuzPod Rose Gold


The NEW Rose Gold SnuzPod Bedside Crib is here and it promises to add a touch of luxury to your home with its subtle rose gold accents! Available in Dove Grey, White and Dusk colours, it’s the ultimate in trendy bedtime bits for your little one. Pink hues can add a soft femininity to your home - but don’t get it twisted, rose gold isn’t just for girls!


Mixing Metallics

Created through a combination of gold, copper, and silver, rose gold brings its own unique presence to a room. Incidentally, these metals also tend to pair well with rose gold if you're looking to do a bit of mix and matching with your bedroom décor. Mixing metals, particularly when paired with warm neutrals and pastel shades, can help to create soothing surroundings that won't just look stylish, but also provide a comforting atmosphere for your baby as they nod off by your bedside.


Keep it Neutral

Balance out your rose gold details with a canvas of solid neutrals like Dove grey, White, or Dusk. This will ensure the rosy metallic sheen of your accents stand out as the focal point of your bedroom.The Rose Gold Snuzpod comes in three varying combinations of neutral whites and greys to complement and harmonise with your bedroom décor, making it stylish as well as functional.



Don’t be afraid to play around with different textures. From the plush softness of a sheepskin strewn over an armchair, to a rugged well-worn wooden side table. Coarse sequined pillows positioned beneath a feathery lampshade, to silky-smooth satin bedsheets - appeal to your senses! Similarly, try and vary the shades you use throughout your room to give it further depth and dimension.


Make a Statement

Go in bold with a few key statement furniture pieces. A rose gold bed frame can set the scene by adding a touch of industrial décor to juxtapose some of your softer accessories. Cooler neutrals can help keep the rosiness in check for a more subdued look.


It's All in the Details

Not ready to commit to a full makeover? A few key details and accessory pieces such as vases, pillows and lamps can add a hint of understated style to your room. The rose gold details that underscore our new SnuzPod collection are subtle enough to serve both as inspiration for a larger rose gold bedroom and nursery theme, or just to be admired as a beautiful standalone piece to bring a touch of pink to baby's bedtimes. Inspired? Shop our Wave Rose SnuzPouch and bedding set to complete the look!

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