Nursery Hygge

There's no doubt about it. Hygge is here to stay. What began as a trend is now firmly established as part of autumnal life. It’s as important as Pumpkin Spice Lattes and bright wellington boots.

In case the hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) madness has somehow passed you by, here’s what you need to know. It’s a movement, a feeling, a sentiment that exists year round but is all the more noticeable as the nights close in. Hygge is your loved ones talking around a roaring fireplace; a family curled up on the sofa reading together … hygge is cosiness and contentment.

Basically, hygge is everything you want in baby's nursery. So read on for our selection of nursery hygge inspiration!

Cool but cosy

Upon first look the colours make this nursery appear quite cool. But look a bit closer and it’s textures galore and endless cosy spaces! Hygge heaven! 

Picture: @thismodernlife 



Dens for the win

What’s more hygge than building a super comfy den? See how many cushions you can get into a tepee like this then curl up and tell spooky stories together in your nursery!

Picture: @emma_and_alf


Warm and fuzzy

More cosy textures and fabrics here make sure baby is always feeling those warm and fuzzys! We love these pouffes from Zuri House – they’re just the perfect baby height!

Picture: @zuri_house


Hygge love

This photo sums up the hygge vibe perfectly. Cosiness and contentment levels through the roof! What a beautiful little family.

Picture: @mummydaddyme


More hygge love

We couldn’t resist another bit of hygge love from expectant mum @one_clueless_mumma who put so much care and detail into her SnüzPod while awaiting the arrival of little Bertie. 

Picture : @one_clueless_mumma



Last up, what’s more hygge than the ultimate snuggle device – the SnüzPouch! We love this shot from @Biffandbaba of Maddie all wrapped up warm in her SnüzPouch. Made from 100 per cent super soft cotton, the pouch is so gentle on baby’s delicate skin. And with a zip built in to make nappy changes quick and easy in the night, this is the ultimate sleeping bag for your baby! 

Picture: @Biffandbaba




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