Statement Patterns

Bold, timeless prints. It’s not about an overbearing design that takes over the room. It’s about fitting the fun of patterns into your nursery colour scheme and making baby happy! If you want to start subtle, take a look at the Snüz bedding range, with clouds, geometric styles and more they’re on-trend and just what you need to keep baby snug.

If you’re feeling confident, try getting the paintbrushes out or take a look at some statement wallpaper. If you want to introduce the fun of statement patterns into your décor without going overboard, try just using the pattern on one wall, keeping the others plain colours that complement.

Now, the all-important question: Which patterns will you actually use? Here are a handful of our favourites to spark some inspiration.

Spots and metallics

We love this nursery look shared by @fourcheekymonkeys that incorporates bold, gold spots with the softer, fun aesthetics of an ice cream shop.

Up, up and away!

Inspire your little one to aim high with this beautiful hot air balloon pattern from @littlehandswallpaper. The soft colours are perfect for a calm sleep environment, while there’s more than enough going on in the pattern to keep baby interested when he wakes up.

Flower Power

Florals are a trend in their own right but the size of these beauties meant we just had to include them in our bold patterns roundup. This wallpaper is by @anewalldecor but the nursery look has been pulled together by @christinaloewen.

Just think of where your baby’s imagination could go with these beautiful, giant flowers all around!

Perfect prickles

The spikes and prickles of cactus make them an obviously ill-advised plant for the nursery but their bold luscious shapes make for a great pattern.

We love the way @allielindseyphotography has incorporated this wallpaper into her nursery design, keeping this fresh and calm, but with plenty of interest at the same time.

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Our last pick is this beautiful nursery room featuring a raindrop pattern in wallpaper from @hibou_home. The soft, repetitive shapes make the room feel friendly and welcoming while adding interest for your little one. 

Ready to pick your pattern? Take a look through the Snüz Designz range. From geometric shapes, to soft fluffy clouds, there’s something to spark every little one’s imagination. 

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