Say hello to Snüz®

The Little Green Sheep family is proud to introduce Snüz, the new home of award-winning bedside crib SnüzPod.

Our mission is simple. To create innovative and quality sleep solutions which are centered around you and your baby, for a great sleep all round!

"Loving our new Snüz goodies! Thanks for all of your help in getting our new SnuzPod and bedding to us so quickly for our surprise arrival who came a few weeks earlier than we expected. What a lovely bunch."

- Louise - London

  • "I loved the Snüzpod because it allowed me to safely sleep close to my baby. Nothing beats seeing them there right next to you and it's so handy for breastfeeding. I only wish I'd had one first-time-round."

    - Gill - A Baby on Board

  • "The Snüzpod has done wonders for me, it's making things much easier, especially at night when I can zip down the mesh wall to access him easily to feed – thank you!"

    - Sarah - London

  • "This product is amazing! My daughter is 4 weeks old and is constantly being sick after feeds and chocking on it without turning her head to the side. For this reason, every time she makes a noise I need to check her and with this cot I can just look over to check without even sitting up. I am breastfeeding and the closeness this cot gives you is great. Sometimes my little girl will be restlessly feeding for an hour and with this cot I get the benefits of co-sleeping without the dangers. I can feed lying on my side without worrying about falling asleep and rolling on her etc. This was a gift from my mum and I told her she was silly to spend so much on a moses basket but now I am so grateful she did!"

    - Kelly - England

  • "I'm so glad to have found the Snüzpod as I'm finding it so useful to have the bassinet that I can take off the stand and pop downstairs with me in the morning so my daughter can be close to me but still comfy in her lovely Snüzpod - and I haven't had to buy an extra moses basket!"

    - Claire - Bath