Shop the Shoot: Get the Skandi Look

At Snüz we love all things Scandi, and it’s this which inspired the design of the SnuzKot Skandi – the modern, minimal style, the clean lines and contemporary feel. And of course in all of our SnuzKot Skandi room sets we wanted to reflect this super popular interior décor trend. If the Skandi Grey room set is the look you’re after for your nursery, shop the shoot.


Super cute AND stylish, this little bunny could be your little ones perfect companion (or you could always keep it on the shelf as it looks so good…!). 


We love this simple but stylish ‘hello’ wall art – it’s actually a coat rack but can be used just to look great too! Use it in any room in the house, against white, grey or navy painted walls.

Get yours at This Modern Life.


Could there be a cooler shelf? Simple and so sweet these are the ideal way to display your favourite things in the nursery.

The Modern Nursery stocks them. 

Wooden animals

Stylish and playful, these hand carved and hand painted wooden animals are gorgeous and felt just right to accessorise the simple style of the Skandi grey nursery (decorative only). 

Made by T Lab available here

Hot Air Balloon Lamp

Simply dreamy! This fab addition is super cute lamp in the popular Grey Wave print. This unique lamp will transform the little one’s room into a dreamy universe where only the sky is the limit.

Get yours at Scandi Mini 

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