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Cot Beds

Shop our award-winning cot beds featuring clever and innovative features designed to grow with your child from birth right up until their early years.

Choose SnüzKot and you can be confident your little one is promised a sound, safe and comfortable night's sleep. With 10 colours and styles to choose from, our beautiful cot beds complement a modern, Scandi-style or traditional nursery decor and will last for years to come.

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Modern Cot Beds With Traditional Scandi Style

Our cot beds are the perfect addition to any nursery and make a fantastic first bed for your baby.

Combining our expert modern innovation with classic Scandi design principles of simplicity and functionality, we've crafted cot beds that are stylish and practical.

Our SnüzKot and SnüzFino baby cots are made in natural wood finishes to create a cosy and contemporary space so your baby will feel safe and calm. We only use solid wood for a high-quality finish and sturdy build that will last your little one right up to their toddler years.

Convertible Cot Beds That Grow With Your Baby

Not only do our baby cots offer comfort and style, they’re also designed to grow with your child. You can convert both the SnüzKot and SnüzFino beds with our conversion kits, so there's no need to buy a new bed as your child grows.

The SnüzFino features two mattress heights to see your little one through to 18 months of age as they begin to grow and sit up unaided. Once they reach this stage, you can convert their cot to a toddler bed using the toddler bed conversion kit, which includes secure rails and a stylish canopy. This will provide a familiar and safe environment for them throughout their early years until they are four years old.

Our SnüzKot goes a step further with three mattress heights and a junior bed extension kit that transforms the cot into a junior bed, suitable for children up to 10 years old.

Shop Snüz Cot Beds Online

Treat your little one to the best possible sleep with our range of cot beds – designed by baby sleep experts and loved by parents all over the UK.

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The SnüzKot has an external size of 72 cm wide, 133 cm long and 89 cm tall.

The SnüzFino has an external size of 74 cm wide, 153 cm long, and 88.5 cm tall. It's a perfect sleeping space for your newborn up until 18 months. The additional toddler extension kit allows the cot bed to be used until age four.

The SnüzKot can be converted into a toddler and junior bed (up to 10 years old) with the additional extension kit, while the SnüzFino can be used until age four. The SnüzFino is also slightly larger than the SnüzKot.

The SnüzKot and SnüzFino cot beds are both crafted from solid wood and plywood and finished in high-quality paint. The stainless steel fixings ensure your baby's cot bed is strong and sturdy.

To keep the frame and headboard clean, use a damp cloth to wipe away any spills or dust. For more stubborn stains, you can use mild detergent and water. Please avoid using harsh cleaners or adhesives. We recommend using a mattress protector to keep the SnüzKot and SnüzFino mattresses clean and dry.

Yes! Pair your SnüzKot or SnüzFino cot bed with one of our range of matching wardrobes and changing units for a cohesive look in your nursery. We also offer baby nursery furniture sets where you can benefit from discounts of over £600 on some bundles.

Our SnüzSurface Mattresses are available in cot bed sizes to fit both styles of our baby cots. These have a pocket-sprung design and our signature 3D breathable mesh surface, promoting the healthiest and best sleep for your baby when paired with our cot beds.