Snuz Style Edits: The Natural Edit

Introducing, the first launch of our exciting new project, Snuz Style Edits. Beautiful, curated collections inspired by interior and lifestyle trends.

We are passionate about creating nursery furnishings that can add to your space and complement your interior style elegantly. Our Snuz Style Edits allow you to seamlessly intertwine your personal preferences with the practical must-haves your little one deserves the very best of.

Pioneers of meeting our products aesthetic standards to the quality in safety and function, means parents don’t need to sacrifice on any newborn needs when choosing their set-up. Introducing this exciting new library of edits, means we can continue to innovate in the world of interior design while remaining true to our core values of safety and integrity. It’s a match made in heaven.

The Natural Edit

Created for them, designed for you. With warm, neutral tones and trend led design, this collection encapsulates modern day homes and offers contemporary styles to complement your interiors. Whether you want to create an earthy and deeply textured space or a soft and muted interior, The Natural Edit has what you’re looking for. With all the best-selling and established features of our existing award-winning products, SnuzPod4 and SnuzKot, the collection retains its integrity while breathing new life into our staples.


Beautiful and natural, made using real oak wood, Oak is a gorgeously textured and a warming addition to any space. The neutral tone of Oak makes it a super flexible choice to complement a range of interior styles. From harmonising with your bedroom’s styling as a bedside crib, to evolving along with your child’s nursery décor over the years as they grow in SnuzKot.



Enrich your space and their world with the sumptuous, Ebony. In opulent deep woods tones and with an almost tangible texture, this choice will enhance your interiors and bring depth into any space. Pair with minimalist furnishings and organic touches for an earthy environment or level up with maximalist patterns and prints to introduce some loud confidence into their surroundings.



When trendy meets timeless. A contemporary classic shade, Walnut complements a range of interior trends and will never go out of style. This warm wood is a grounding staple in interiors, the latest addition: your nursery furnishings. We have you covered. The true choice for anyone ranging from an eclectic enthusiast to minimalist chic, Walnut works for you.



Mimicking the enchanting grey hues of the Silver Birch tree, our collection is complete with this shade of grey. Silver Birch brings a muted moment and subtle sophistication while remaining an eye-catching design choice for your space. Update your nursery furnishings to brighten and update your space to suit your taste.


This collection is inspired by natural wooden elements being the foundation of all great interior design. Stripping it back to these principles means The Natural Edit will effortlessly become part of your interiors, giving you the freedom to explore your own personal style.

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