Perfectly Formed – Small Nursery Design Tips

Expecting? Anybody asked when you’re moving house yet? The world seems to think that we’ll all just magically ‘size up’ when we have a little one on the way. But what about those of us who have no plans to move, whether out of choice or necessity? What can we do to make the most of our small nursery space?

Well if you ask us, size doesn’t matter, it’s what you do with it that counts! So if your nursery finds itself challenged in the size department, read on for our small nursery design tips and get ready to get creative.



There’s no getting around it, beautiful small nursery designs take time and careful, detailed planning! So grab a pen, paper, tape measure, and if this is your first baby maybe grab a Mum friend who can walk you through her day-to-day routine with baby too.

The goal here is to identify what is and isn’t needed in your small nursery room. Do you really need a changing table in the nursery, or do you have more space in the bathroom?

Will you feed baby in the nursery? If so, you’re going to need to make some space for a comfy chair to do this from. If not, can you free up this space in the nursery and feed baby in your own bed or another quiet space?

Remember everything is a storage opportunity! Check out the Ikea remote control storage being put to smart use on the side of this chair for everything a new mum needs while feeding. Think about timing too. Baby will be super snug and sleeping sound in a bedside crib (SnuzPod anyone?) in your room until around the age of six months. What could you do with that extra free space in the nursery for the first six months or so?


The sky is the limit!

When floor space is at a premium, look up! Our field of vision is so taken up by what’s right in front of us on the floor that we can miss just how much space there is around us.

Nappy shelves, boxes, drawers for clothing, a shoe organiser or pegs and shelves hung on the back of a door for lotions and medicines - there’s a lot you can do with the vertical space in your nursery as well as the horizontal.


Go mobile

Baby is coming into your entire home and will make themself known in each and every room, but you’ll love it we promise! We actually designed the SnuzPod with this in mind. With three modes – stand-alone, bedside, and bassinet – baby will always be by your side whether they’re in their own nursery, with you by your bed at night, or snoozing with you in the lounge during the day.

You can take this mobile idea further by adding wheels to items of furniture in the nursery to allow for flexibility and increased storage in the room. Stash things you won’t need access to very often behind a more accessible item of furniture!


Function AND form

Last but by no means least, think function first. Pick beautiful things yes, but pick beautiful useful things. If you have space left for something that’s just beautiful great! But for now, everything has to earn its space.

We love what Whitney Leigh Morris and her family achieved in their Tiny Canal Cottage nursery. Take a look at her blog for some beautiful and practical inspiration.

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