Why We Love Bedroom Blues

Blue for a boy, blue for a girl, blue for everyone! We LOVE blue. There, we said it. It’s just such a brilliant colour for the bedroom, and perfect for a nursery where the space needs to grow and adapt with your little one.

Here are the top three reasons why we’re going barmy for blue here at Snuz HQ.


Blue is super calming

Blue is perfect for your little one’s sleep space because it helps promote a calming atmosphere. Whether it’s a powder blue, or deep indigo accents, there’s just something about the colour blue that inspires rest and relaxation. Some people even suggest it can help lower blood pressure and heart rates.

Perhaps it brings to mind the sea or the bright blue summer sky. Whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that blue is a wonderfully relaxing colour, ideal for a calm, tranquil nursery space for baby.

Photo - @projectnursery



One of the best things about blue is that it works for all age groups. We look at A LOT of nurseries in our line of work (perk of the job!) and some of them will only ever be nurseries. When the little ones living in these spaces start school, chances are a big redecoration job is on the cards.

Blue nurseries are different. Blue is so adaptable that it goes with a huge variety of different colours, from baby pastels, to cool greys and whites. So you can do a big redecoration job if you feel like it, or you can just start coordinating your blue room with new colours and accessories to suit your child as they grow.

Photo - @saltboxtradingco



Crisp, clear, beautiful blue is brilliant for balancing a nursery space. It means you can bring in something more exciting, like vibrant, bright colours for baby’s bedding, without losing the overall sense of calm and harmony in the room.

Blue gives you the freedom and creative space to explore different accent colours, mix up decorations, bedding, curtains, rugs and more, without losing the calm, harmonious sleep vibes you’ve worked so hard to create for baby.

Choosing a colour for your nursery space is a hugely personal decision. We’ve got some more inspiration here on our blog on how to introduce colour to your nursery, but we’d love to see your little one’s sleep spaces too! Share them with us on Instagram with the hashtag #SnuzStyle. 

Photo - @brogsathome

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