A Guide to Wearable Tech for Parents and Babies

Smart tech is everywhere. We’ve got smartphones, smart cars and even smart homes! With the development of technology and the ease of access, it’s becoming more and more common to introduce it into our lives to help make things a little bit easier.

Tech is also making waves in the world of parenting. There’s a whole new collection of smart baby products designed to help out mums and dads. One awesome category here is wearable tech for parents and babies.

You may already own some wearable tech to track your health or to keep you connected. This is also the idea around parenting tech – tracking your little one in ways you’ve never been able to before. Here’s the lowdown on some of the advantages of these smart wearables for parents and babies.


They Can Help Give You Peace of Mind

Bringing a baby into the world is one of the most magical experiences, but it definitely doesn’t come without worry. Am I doing this right? Are they OK? Is that normal?

Luckily, some clever people have created devices that can help answer those questions in the form of smart baby monitors. There’s a whole bunch of them out there now that monitor way beyond traditional video monitoring. They track things such as baby’s sleep, breathing, temperature, movement and more, and then send you alerts on these to apps and/or smart watches.

The whole idea of this type of monitoring is to only alert you when you’re needed, meaning you’re not constantly checking on your baby and can get on with other things without (too much) worry!

Collected Data Can Help With Caring for Baby

The idea of collecting data on your baby may sound a bit scary but it can actually be super helpful. Knowing how much your baby’s sleeping, eating or how many nappies they’re getting through can let you know how they’re developing.


This data can also be used to spot some health problems and shared with your doctor. So, if your little one doesn’t seem to be getting through enough wet nappies there’s a chance they could be constipated. Or if their sleep is very disrupted they may have reflux. Having all this information tracked and analysed on an app can make things clear that you may not have noticed before.

Better Sleep for Both Babies and Parents

Getting some extra sleep can seem pretty impossible as a new parent, but some smart wearables are designed for just this. By tracking your baby’s sleep, you can start to identify things that might be interrupting it, and when baby sleeps better, you sleep better!

Plus, using active alert style monitoring rather than passive monitoring means that you’re only alerted when needed. Take the Bluebell Smart baby monitor for example: put on the provided smartwatch, get tucked up in bed, and rest easy knowing that the watch will vibrate and wake you up if anything happens with baby’s breathing, temperature, movement, and more!

They Can Reduce Anxieties When Baby Goes Into Their Own Room

It’s advised that your little one sleeps in a cot the same room as you for the first six months, and you may even keep them nice and close with something like the SnuzPod Bedside Crib. But what happens when you decide to move them into their own nursery and they aren’t by your side all night?


To avoid using your precious sleep time watching a video monitor or tiptoeing into their room, you could treat yourself to some parenting tech. Knowing that you’re connected to them and will be alerted on the important bits is ideal when you’re trying to get used to them being away from you (even if it is just in the next room).

Relax With Real-Time Information

In a world of social media and instant messaging, being constantly connected is commonplace. Having a connection like this to your little one can be comforting for many new parents. Just knowing that you’ll be alerted straight away if they get a fever or they roll on their tummy at night can be a big plus.

It’s also helpful for busy parents when they go back to work or who need to leave their babies with family, friends or babysitters. The use of apps means that they can stay continuously connected wherever they are, reducing the stress of being away from baby.

They Can Just Make Life a Little Bit Easier

As well as providing an easy way to monitor, track and keep everything in one place, there may be a few extra bits designed to help out in other ways. The Bluebell Smart baby monitor doesn’t just monitor your baby. It also has a gentle night light, lullabies, white noise (all controlled from the app), and a smartwatch that tracks your sleep and steps. These little things can go a long way when you’re a busy new parent!

They Can Benefit New Mums

Although most of the wearable tech available for new parents is focused on tracking, monitoring and keeping baby safe, there are also some parent-focused wearables that might come in handy. Smart breast pumps like The Elvie Pump make pumping easy. It’s silent, fits in your bra and lets you pump basically anywhere. It connects to an app to control pumping, monitor your milk volume in real time (amazing!), and keep track of everything.


Smart pelvic floor trainers are also fantastic for new mums. They can train your pelvic floor during and after pregnancy, connecting to an app to make sure you’re doing it properly. The smart side of them also tracks your progress and helps you build strength. With 80% of new and expectant mums having pelvic floor problems, this smart wearable is the perfect example of how tech is helping new parents in innovative and practical ways.

This appears to be just the start for parenting tech, and if you decide to embrace it and welcome it into your family, you might be pleasantly surprised at just how helpful it can be!

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