Choosing the Right Tog Sleeping Bag for Your Baby

When it comes to baby bedtimes, it can sometimes feel like there’s an absolute minefield of choice and advice available.

We understand that it can be a bit overwhelming, so want to set the record straight with this simple guide on what tog sleeping bag to choose for your baby.

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But First, What Are The Benefits Of Baby Sleeping Bags?

There’s plenty of reasons to put your baby to bed in a sleeping bag. For one, they help keep your little one at a consistent temperature throughout the night and day as they nap, while allowing them the freedom to wriggle about without being restricted or tangled up in a blanket.

Sleeping bags offer a convenient solution to baby bedtimes, and SnuzPouch even more so thanks to its handy nappy-change zip. Making changes during the night quick and easy, putting your little one down for the night in a SnuzPouch means less disturbance for them, and an all-around more snug night’s sleep.

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Tog & Temperature

First things first: monitoring the temperature of the room your baby sleeps in is generally good practice, but it’s especially important when it comes to picking the right tog sleeping bag.

The Lullaby Trust suggests the ideal sleeping temperature for babies is between 16-20 ֯C, with babies under 12 months being particularly vulnerable when it comes to overheating. 

If, like many parents, you choose to co-sleep with your baby during their first six months, or use a bedside crib or Moses basket, ensure your bedroom temperature is adjusted accordingly by keeping a thermometer close by.

What Tog Sleeping Bag Should You Choose?

When picking your tog, understand that the higher the tog, the thicker the material and lining of your baby’s sleeping bag will be.

Choosing the right tog for your baby very much depends on the climate you live in and time of year. For this reason, it’s handy to have a few different tog sleeping bags in varying sizes that you can cycle throughout the year.

Choosing The Right Tog

2.5 Tog is ideal for use year-round for temperatures anywhere between 16-20 degrees (61-68F)
1.0 Tog is recommended for warm summer temperatures between 21-23 degrees C (69-74F)
0.5 Tog is what you’ll need for when temperatures really start to soar, from around 24-27 degrees C (75-81F)

The clothing your baby wears also needs to be considered when choosing the correct tog of sleeping bag

Sleeping Bags What To Wear Guide

Regular Check-ins

As the weather heats up, it’s extra important to keep a close eye on your sleepy peep. Regularly check your baby’s temperature by gently placing a hand on the back of their neck. If it feels at all damp, or warmer than usual, consider removing layers to cool them down.

If your baby appears more agitated than usual, or begins scratching themselves more often, check for signs of heat rash.

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Ready to Nap

With time, you'll become better at spotting when your baby is uncomfortable, whether they're too hot or cold. In the meantime, follow these tips and advice to get started with, and you’re sure to do fine!

Be sure to check out our SnuzPouch collection for a range of colourful designs, sizes, and togs to suit all your little one's nap time needs!

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