SnuzPod4: Your Questions Answered

When it comes to SnuzPod, we often get a lot of the same questions coming our way. So, we’ve decided to compile some of our FAQs here on the blog as a reference point for any new parents to glance over before reaching out.

What is the difference between the SnuzPod3 and SnuzPod4?

Both SnuzPod3 and SnuzPod4 can be used as a bedside crib or standalone crib, and feature a reflux incline option and lift-off bassinet for use around the home.

SnuzPod4 boasts a new ComfortAir breathable system that promotes air flow and helps regulate baby's temperature thanks to its unique mesh vents and breathable liner.

In addition, SnuzPod4 has a new half-height wall setting which can be left in place during the night, making it easy to access baby without having to zip down the wall. It also meets the latest bedside crib safety standards (passing BS EN 1130:2019) and fits taller beds (up to a maximum adult mattress height of 73cm).

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What is the minimum/maximum height of the adult mattress that the SnuzPod4 can be used with?

The minimum height of your mattress should be 53cm and a maximum height of 73cm.


Why does the SnuzPod4 sit lower than my mattress?

There is a new safety standard that requires all bedside cribs to have a 12cm residual barrier or wall (measured from the top of the mattress to the half height wall) to prevent the child from rolling out of the crib and into the adult bed, whilst allowing easy access to comfort your baby.

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Why can’t the reflux tilt be used during periods of sleep?

As with all bedside cribs, according to the EU standard, and in line with safe sleep guidance to place baby on a flat horizontal surface, we can only recommend that the reflux tilt is used while baby is awake. Please also ensure that the crib is in standalone mode, with the wall zipped up.

The comfort air liner looks like a bumper, please can I have some more information on this?

One of the key features of SnuzPod4 is its improved breathability. This is achieved primarily through the new ComfortAir™ Breathable System and liner.

Unique surface-level air-flow vents allow air to pass through the crib at the surface level where your baby rests, while an air-permeable mesh liner can be easily unzipped and machine washed to keep things fresh and free from bacteria.

The new ComfortAir Liner comes integrated as part of the SnuzPod4, however it is not a bumper.

The ComfortAir liner is a removable section of the overall liner as opposed to a bumper, primarily because of its main function to allow air to circulate within the base of the crib and around the child.

The material of the liner is a 3D mesh, not a foam wadding unlike most traditional bumpers, which are manufactured purely to provide cushioning or protection from limbs poking through cot sides or ends.

Whilst the ComfortAir liner is softer, its primary function is to promote airflow in and around the crib. When considering the sides of the SnuzPod4, it’s important to remember that the 3D Mesh aspect of the ComfortAir liner is over 8mm thick, so the fabric does not lie directly against the wooden side parts.

This allows air to circulate in multiple directions.

The ComfortAir liner has been thoroughly assessed both internally and externally by UK-based UKAS Accredited test laboratories to remove or prevent these potential hazards.

The materials have been carefully selected and tested to ensure they are breathable, pose no small parts or sharp edges risks, and have no ties which could pose a risk of entanglement.

As of November 2020, all bedside cribs manufactured including SnuzPod4 need to meet the new crib safety standard BS EN 1130:2019. This standard is an update on the previous version (BS EN 1130:1996), and now contains bedside crib-specific tests.

New requirements include a half-height wall for when cribs are being used in bedside mode, making for easy access during the night whilst providing a barrier that removes the risk of baby rolling out of the crib.

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Why can’t I use a sensor pad with my SnuzPod mattress?

We don't recommend the use of sensor pads with the SnuzPod4 as this can reduce airflow to the mattress. The sensor pad is also unable to distinguish between your movement and your baby's.

Why has the mattress in my SnuzPod4 discoloured?

It is completely normal for the Foam mattress to have a yellow tinge and this can occur with any polyurethane foam. It occurs where the mattress is exposed to oxygen, which causes the colour to change slightly (oxygenation). The only way to prevent this is by colouring the foam, which is not something we would do.

Do you have a video of how to assemble the SnuzPod4?

We have a video below  to help with assembling your SnuzPod4.


How do I wash the fabric cover/comfort air liner?

The fabric cover can be sponge cleaned with a mild detergent; we would recommend allowing this to fully air dry. The ComfortAir liner can be easily removed and machine washed.


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