Give The Gift Of Sleep This Christmas

Are you stuck for Christmas gift ideas and looking for a pressie that will help aid the thing we love the most - sleep? Then you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve got the perfect gifts to please everyone, from deliriously sleepy new parents to helping aid a little one’s sleep routine.

Now we all know that as a new parent, an extra bit of shut-eye can make all the difference! So, get ready to get your sleepy gift on with Snuz.

For nightmare nappy changes

We all know someone who's lost sleep over night changes with their little one. Those delicate yet drowsy attempts to remove layers in a dimly lit crib or cot! It’s for that very reason that we designed SnuzPouch. Our award-winning baby sleeping bag that makes changes during the night quick and easy with its handy nappy change zip. Not only does this mean less disturbance for baby, but it offers a smooth night for all involved.

Available in 10 stylish designs and different tog options, bedtime doesn’t get more snug than this! If that’s not enough, you’ll be gifting a whole lot of convenience with every nappy change as little one (and hopefully parents, too!) catch those all-important Zzz’s!

Not sure which tog to go for? Check out our tog guide here for a quick run-through!


For the sleep-deprived parent

Say hello to SnuzCloud, the ultimate sleepy tool. It’s safe to say white noise is an old reliable when it comes to babies and sleep. SnuzCloud is ideal for fans of sleepy sounds, as it features an even more relaxing alternative know as pink noise.

Pink noise works in a similar way to its more famous counterpart, but on a deeper level due to its lower frequencies. It's quite literally the sound of sleep!

With super soft plush fabric, 4 soothing sounds and two light options, SnuzCloud is the ultimate sleep companion for in the nursery, by the bedside, or on the go. A must for the perfect bedtime? Absolutely!



Now we know that sleep during pregnancy can be difficult. You may find yourself trialling several pregnancy pillows before you find the right one for you. That’s why we invented SnuzCurve, to avoid this dreaded task!

SnuzCurve is the first pregnancy pillow that actually guides you into the correct sleep position, with KneeBlade™. Developed with health professionals and experts at every stage, it’s unique shape and curvature comforts and supports your whole body, whilst allowing you to retain your existing preferred head pillow (comfort is key after all!)

Something that makes SnuzCurve extra special is that it comes with a video series created by The Modern Midwife (@the_modern_midwife), to help guide mamas through their pregnancy journey.

It's a must-have for an expecting mama and unlike many other pregnancy pillows, it doesn’t take up half the bed!



Say hello to SnuzBaskit, Snuz’s modern take on the traditional Moses basket. Featuring dual mesh windows for better visibility and breathability parents can keep an adorning eye on their little one.

Bigger, stronger, lighter and more breathable than traditional Moses baskets, this beauty is available with a sustainably sourced solid-wood foldable stand for easy transportation. Crafted from KinderFelt™; our new soft, safe, 100% recycled material, SnuzBaskit is focused on the next generation, not just in terms of sleep quality and safety, but also the planet!

SnuzBaskit compliments modern interior design and fits into the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life as a new parent. Priced at an incredible £99.95, SnuzBaskit is light yet sturdy for easy transportation whether that be a trip to the grandparents’ house or moving room to room, our Moses basket makes life that little bit easier.


for parents who love to Snuz

For the ultimate sleepy gift this Christmas, check out SnuzPod⁴. A genius design that allows parents to feed, soothe, and be closer to their baby, keeping them nearby for a safe bonding experience over their first Christmas.

Pair with a beautiful bedding set from a range of playful designs, along with some essentials like a mattress protector for a dry comfortable night, and the recipient will be one grateful and well-prepared parent.


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