Second Hand SnuzPods: What To Know When Buying Used

It’s no secret that welcoming a newborn can be expensive. So, it’s not uncommon for new parents to look for secondhand SnuzPods.

Used SnuzPod2s and SnuzPod3s can be found on popular sites like Gumtree and eBay, as well as various other online shopping destinations for secondhand goods..

If you too are considering buying secondhand, it's important to bear some key points in mind:


Safety First

It’s crucial parents understand safe usage of our products. Often, used SnuzPods are sold without instructions, leaving parents clueless as to how to assemble it, not least how to use it safely.

If you have purchased a used Snuzpod that did not come with its instruction manual, be sure to download the most up-to-date instructions below:

SnuzPod2 Instructions
SnuzPod3 Instructions


In line with advice from safe sleep experts, we strongly recommend purchasing a new mattress for your used SnuzPod. Do not use a mattress from another home that you do not know the history of, as this can put your baby at risk.

We offer replacement foam mattresses to suit SnuzPod2, SnuzPod3, and SnuzPod4. We also offer a range of handmade natural mattresses made using only the best natural ingredients for luxurious, quality support as your little one sleeps.

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SnuzPod2 Crib Mattress


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SnuzPod3 Crib Mattress



Why not spruce up your SnuzPod for baby by replacing all the fabric and creating a clean, fresh sleep space! We offer a SnuzPod Replacement Mattress & Fabric Set that includes a replacement fabric bassinet, new premium quilted mattress, and a super soft waterproof mattress protector. All you need for the ultimate SnuzPod revival kit.

In need of storage alternatives for your nappy kits and bedside staples? Why not pick up a SnuzPod Pocket to finish the makeover, whilst buying yourself some space for all those little essentials? Our storage pockets are designed to fit SnuzPod3 and SnuzPod4, and feature multiple compartments for maximum storage. Easily detachable, you can carry these handy pockets along with you wherever you might need them.

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SnuzPod Replacement Fabric & Mattress Set

From £84.95

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SnuzPod Storage Pocket


SnuzPod4 – The Latest and Greatest

We’re always driving to make our products better, and improve both yours and baby’s sleep. That’s why we created SnuzPod4, paving the way yet again with a forward-thinking re-design that’s bursting with innovative sleep-inducing features! Enter ComfortAir™ Breathable System, a combination of unique air-flow vents, an air-permeable mesh liner, and base ventilation designed to increase airflow and breathability for a great night’s sleep, all around


Safety tested to the latest Bedside Crib Standard, SnuzPod4 is a sturdy, dependable alternative to other cribs on the market. Allowing you to soothe your little one night and day, safe and sound.

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SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib


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