Stand Brace Improvement SnüzPod¹ (Batch LGS1301 only)

At The Snüz Family, the safety and product experience of our customers and their families is at the centre of everything we do. Our policy and promise to you is that through continuous testing, feedback and analysis, we continually improve and develop our products. Because of this we have set up this section on our website dedicated to notifying customers of any upgrades or improvements we are rolling out on our products. We'd also love to hear any feedback you have or suggestions of how we can improve. Please email us at [email protected] with your suggestions and the relevant department will be notified!

Since its launch, the SnüzPod has been a huge success, with tens of thousands of parents benefiting from the advantages of bed-sharing without any of the associated risks. We are proud to be named the Best Moses Basket, Crib or Cot for 2015 by Mother & Baby!

Part of the reason for SnüzPod’s success is the consistent 5 star reviews we receive from mums and dads, driven by our commitment to quality and Snüz's devotion to continuous development, which we can only achieve with your feedback and by listening to our customers.

We have identified that an improvement could be made to the Stand Brace cross beam (part J) of a specific batch of SnüzPod¹ (produced December 2013 – October 2014). In particular circumstances such as an over tightening of screws it is possible for a loosening to occur on a component of the stand brace. Left unnoticed this could result in stand failure, meaning we cannot rule out risk of injury. Despite no injuries being reported, and confirmation from external testers that the component is fit for use, The Snü Family has decided to offer a free upgrade pack to all SnüzPod¹ users with the batch code ‘LGS1301’. If you own or have passed on a SnüzPod¹ with this batch code number, we strongly recommend that you claim the Stand Brace upgrade pack as soon as possible, and cease use until the new upgrade has been received and fitted. Only products with the batch number LGS1301 (SnüzPod¹) require any action.

All other batches of Snüzpod¹, along with Snüzpod² (launched July 2015) are not affected in any way, meaning no action is required.

1. How can I identify if I already have the Upgrade?
To confirm whether or not your SnüzPod already has the upgraded stand brace, please use the guide here.

2. How do I order the upgrade pack?
Once you have confirmed whether or not your SnüzPod requires the upgrade, you can request your free upgrade pack. The upgrade pack is a box containing 2 beams and 4 fixings that will be posted directly to you, which allows you to upgrade your SnüzPod.

If you would like to be sent an upgrade pack free of charge, please contact an advisor on [email protected] or call 0800 028 1433.

We hope that you continue to enjoy your SnüzPod and as always we welcome your feedback to help our continued passion for making the product even better!