Discover your baby’s first bed

Choosing the first bed for your baby is a big decision. That’s why we've made things simple for you by combining the expertise of baby sleep experts with modern design to create a series of sleep spaces that make bedtime in those first six months a dream for both baby and new parents.

Home to the UK's bestselling bedside crib and the reinvented Moses basket for modern parents, our range of newborn baby beds offers safety, comfort, convenience, and style in one.

Let us take care of your newborn's sleep so you can focus on enjoying those precious moments together.

Award-winning & trusted by parents globally

Designed by sleep experts, produced to the highest standards

Safety first. Safety tested and certified to BS EN 1130:2019

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The Best First Bed For Your Baby

Our collection of newborn baby beds provides the perfect sleep environment for your little one.

From refined bedside cribs to modern Moses baskets, we've carefully thought through every detail to ensure your baby is safe, comfortable, and supported as they drift off into the land of nod.

Each bed balances practicality with style, so you can have the best of both worlds – a soundless night's sleep for your baby and a beautiful furniture addition to your home. Using classic Scandi principles of simplicity and functionality, our beds are built to last and look great in any nursery.

Award-Winning Bedside Cribs

Take your pick from our bedside cribs – the award-winning SnüzPod4 or the brand new SnüzPod Studio – both cleverly crafted with your baby's best sleep in mind.

Our SnüzPod collection allows you to have your little one right beside you, promoting bonding and making it easier for night-time feeds. Suitable for newborns up until 6 months old, they provide a cosy sleeping space for your baby while also being convenient for you.

Both beds have won awards for their exceptional design and functionality. But most importantly, they're loved and trusted by parents across the UK.

With innovative features, such as a lift-off bassinet or castor wheels for easy transportation, a comfort incline mode, and our signature 3D breathable mattress, they offer everything your little one needs for restful slumber.

With a choice of natural styles and contemporary shades, our SnüzPods easily fit into any home or nursery decor. And, with safety at the forefront of these beds, you can rest assured your baby is sleeping securely night and day.

A Modern Moses Basket For Maximum Comfort

For parents who prefer more traditional sleeping arrangements, our SnüzBaskit offers a modern twist on a tried and tested classic. We've enhanced the traditional Moses basket design, making it safer, more practical, and even more stylish.

Our SnüzBaskit is lighter, larger, and stronger than traditional bassinets. While improving breathability and airflow, the bassinet's mesh panels and KinderFelt™ basket work together to keep your baby sleeping soundly through the entire night.

The lift-off basket design also means you can take your sleeping baby with you, whether it's to the living room for some quality bonding time or introducing them to their nursery.

But we don't just stop at functionality. Our SnüzBaskit also comes in a selection of natural colours, so it'll fit wonderfully into any nursery decor. With natural wood elements and soft tones, they add a touch of modernity and elegance to any room.

No matter which first bed you choose for your baby, you can rest easy knowing Snüz is dedicated to providing the best for your little one. Shop our full collection online today.


The SnüzPod4 features a curved base, which allows for a gentle rocking motion, and has multiple height settings with a maximum of 73cm. It also has a lift-off bassinet, which is handy for when you need to move about the house but still keep an eye on your little one.

The SnüzPod Studio is our new bedside crib designed for modern living. It has a sleek, urban look with optional castor wheels for easy movement. It has a maximum height of 70.5cm from the floor, with 6 height settings to also fit Divan, Ottoman, and framed beds.

Both beds can be used from birth until 6 months old. After this, we recommend transitioning your baby to one of our SnüzKot or SnüzFino baby cot beds.

Our SnüzPod bedside cribs and SnüzBaskit include a 3D breathable mesh mattress.

You will need to purchase a waterproof mattress protector and baby bed sheets separately, depending on the size of your child's bed.

There are many factors that determine which bed is best for your baby. If you require a bed that can easily be moved from room to room, the SnüzBaskit would be a great choice as it's very lightweight and portable. If you plan on co-sleeping, the SnüzPod cribs will be your best option as they can be fitted to Divan, Ottoman, and framed beds.

You might also want to consider the aesthetic you want to achieve in your home or baby's nursery, as well as the size and functionality of the bed.

Your baby can sleep in a bed from the newborn stage onwards. Moses baskets and bedside cribs are popular choices with new parents because they're very convenient for keeping baby in the same room in their first 6 months.

After 6 months, you can transition your baby to their own room, when they will then need a bigger cot bed.

All of our baby beds are suitable from birth. Our SnüzPod Studio, SnüzPod4, and SnüzBaskit are suitable up until 6 months old, while our SnüzKot and SnüzFino Cot Beds are suitable for up to as old as 10 years.