How to Decorate a Baby Nursery for Functionality & Parenting Ease

When you're expecting a baby, you don't always have the ideal amount of space to work with when it comes to their nursery. There are many parents and parents-to-be who wonder how to decorate a small baby nursery so their new arrival can have a nice, cosy, welcoming space to live in.

But even more than that, you want the nursery to be functional and help make your life as a new parent just that bit easier. We have a few tips and tricks up our sleeves on how to decorate your baby’s nursery so it’s incredibly practical and looks just as beautiful.

Incorporate Dual-Purpose Nursery Furniture

Multi-purpose elements in any nursery is a smart way to optimise space and add convenience – especially for small nurseries.

These versatile pieces serve multiple functions, reducing the need for extra furniture and leaving more room for your baby to play. But they also help you a great deal, too. You can keep essentials within reach and make your nursery more functional, so you don’t need to scramble around looking for items.

Changing Tables That Double as Dressers


One of the best pieces of multi-purpose furniture is a changing table dresser. These units provide additional storage space for your little one’s things and double up as a changing table on top.

You can store your baby’s changing essentials in the drawers, like nappies, creams, and wipes, so that when it comes to changes, everything you need is within arm's reach. Plus, there’s plenty more room for spare bedding and clothes.

Our SnüzKot Skandi Changing Unit features three deep drawers, giving you plenty of storage space for those all important changing items, as well as baby's clothes and other essentials. When your baby has outgrown the table, the changing frame can be removed from the top to make it a regular chest of drawers.

We also have the SnüzFino Changing Table, which is slightly bigger than the SnüzKot Unit and features additional storage at the back of the table to store essentials such as wet wipes or nappy cream. Again, the changing frame can be removed when the changing table is no longer required, turning it into a regular set of drawers for any bedroom.

Growing Beds for Growing Kids


Investing in a bed that can grow with your child not only saves space with compact designs but also saves money in the long run. Being able to convert your baby's crib into a toddler bed and then a kid's bed allows you to work with familiar dimensions in limited space.

You also won’t need to go hunting for a new bed when your little one outgrows their existing one.

Our SnüzFino Cot Bed is made for children from the newborn stage to approximately 4 years old when used with the toddler extension kit. The kit includes wooden arches, a fabric canopy top, and toddler rails that you simply need to fit to the existing frame, and the bed will transform into a safe and stylish haven.

We also have the award-winning SnüzKot Skandi Cot Bed that you can convert as your child grows up until the age of 10. Simply fit the Junior Bed Extender Kit to convert the bed when your child reaches 4 years, allowing them to use the same bed frame for a much longer period.

Practical Nursery Arrangements


The strategic positioning of furniture in a nursery can significantly enhance functionality and practicality, too.

Proper placement ensures easy access to essential baby items, leading to a smoother and more efficient caregiving routine. For example, a thoughtfully positioned cot near the door allows for quick access to the baby without disturbing their sleep. It also ensures a swift response should there be any emergencies.

Similarly, placing a changing table dresser next to the cot makes it easier to fetch diapers, wipes, and changes of clothes during late-night changes.

We love keeping a cosy feeding chair near a quiet corner with a side table for bottles, books, or a lamp to create a comfortable, relaxing space for feeding times.

Remember, the goal is to create a layout that minimises the need for unnecessary movement, making the nursery both safe and functional. This way, less time is spent rummaging for items or crossing the room, and more time can be dedicated to nurturing and bonding with your baby.

Maximising Storage Space

To keep the nursery organised and clutter-free, maximising the amount of storage space you have is a must!

Consider using a combination of shelves, hooks, or wall-mounted bookcases in your nursery. These versatile storage solutions provide convenient spaces to store toys, books, and other nursery essentials, ensuring easy access whenever you need them.

Baby Wardrobes With (Almost) Limitless Storage


We’ve cleverly designed our baby wardrobes with interchangeable and adjustable shelves and rails, allowing you to arrange and rearrange the storage space inside.

Need to make more shelf space? That’s not a problem! Only need one rail instead of two? Our baby wardrobe can do that, too.

These also come in our signature SnüzKot and SnüzFino styles, so you can match the wardrobe to the dresser and cot, creating a cohesive, sleek-looking room.

Our Top Nursery Organisation Tips & Tricks

We also have a few extras that new parents find really helpful for keeping their little one’s nursery in order.

Nursery Organisation TipsHow They Help
Use drawer dividersMaking use of drawer dividers is one smart way to keep the baby's clothing, accessories, and other essentials organised.
This way, you can easily locate what you need without having to rummage through the drawer.
We recommend categorising items according to their use or the baby's age.
Storage baskets & binsBaskets and bins are handy for storing toys, books, and other baby items.
They’re portable, easy to use, and can be stored conveniently in closets, under the bed, or on shelves.
You can label them for even easier access to your baby's items.
Vertical storage spaceDon’t neglect the vertical space in your nursery. Wall or floating shelves are perfect for showcasing adorable baby pictures, favourite storybooks or storing items you want to keep out of baby's reach.
Plus, they add an element of decoration to the nursery.
Label everythingIf you want to take your nursery’s organisation to the next level, labelling is the way to go. You can label drawers, baskets, shelves, and bins.
Not only does this make it easier for you to find what you need, but it also helps other family members and babysitters navigate the nursery with ease.
Keep essentials within arms reachWhen organising the nursery, always keep essentials within arm's reach. This is particularly important for the changing area.
Having nappies, wipes, changing pads, and clothes close at hand will make changing time more efficient and much less messy!

Complete Your Nursery With Snuz

With careful planning and creative thinking, you can design a nursery that not only meets your needs but also evolves with your little one, creating a comfortable, inviting, and magical space they'll love to grow in.

Explore our full range of nursery furniture and accessories online at Snüz and begin creating your ideal nursery today!

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Decorating a small nursery involves smart use of space and light colours. Opt for multifunctional furniture that doubles as storage. Utilise vertical space with shelves or wall-mounted solutions. Light paint tones can enhance the sense of space, and a strategically placed mirror can create the illusion of a larger room. Remember to declutter regularly to make room for evolving needs.

In a newborn's room, you should include a crib or bassinet for sleeping, a changing table for nappy changes, storage for clothes, nappies, and other essentials, a comfortable chair for feeding or rocking, and a source of soft light for nighttime care. Additionally, consider adding some age-appropriate toys and decor to create a soothing and engaging environment.

Transitioning your newborn to their own room involves a gradual process. Start by introducing them to the room during playtime, then move on to naps. Ensure the room is safe, comfortable, and soothing to promote quality sleep. Gradually, start putting them down at night in their own room. Remember, this is a process that requires patience and flexibility.

Arranging a new baby room involves a few key steps. Firstly, place the crib in a safe area, away from windows or drapes. Position the changing table close to the crib for convenience. Organise storage units for clothes, diapers, and essentials within easy reach. Lastly, create a comfortable seating area for feeding or rocking. Remember to keep the room clutter-free for easy navigation and safety.

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