The Making of The Natural Edit

Our brand new and beautiful collection of elevated nursery furnishings,The Natural Edit, highlights the way our designers have lent into interior trends, natural influences and contemporary living. As we launch The Style Edits, we wanted to get into the detail from our designers on the very first release, the journey of The Natural Edit.  

We spoke to our Head of Design, Chloe Scott, to get all the inside knowledge on the creation of The Natural Edit. 

What inspired the collection? 

Snuz has always been innovative when creating attractive products, whilst always ensuring safety; our non-negotiable. We pride ourselves on this balance and we know how well loved it is. The interior trends and customer desires have been growing recently for more variety within wooden shades. 

‘Customer desires have been growing recently for more variety within wooden shades’

Our SnuzPod4 in Natural has been a firm favourite and we wanted to expand our range of options in this category. For a parent where their home is full of deep, moody hues or those with softer shades, we wanted to create an edit that ensures parents never need to sacrifice their own personal style for nursery furnishings, instead choosing pieces to elevate it.

What excited you about The Natural Edit?

It was exciting to explore trending themes and dive into the styling of modern-day homes to develop our own take on a collection focusing on trend led design. Breathing new life into our award-winning SnuzPod4 has certainly been a highlight, it’s established in its excellent function and now further elevated with this new edit.

‘Breathing new life into our award-winning SnuzPod4’ 

We have added details such as the PU leather brand tab and zip pulls to enhance the product. Now that The Natural Edit will be out in the world, we very much look forward to seeing it seamlessly blend into the home of new and growing families.

How does this collection stand within the SnUzPod4 Core Collection?

‘It has the genes of SnuzPod4’

It’s the interior designer of the family; it has the genes of SnuzPod4 standing strong, but with the added flair and trend focus of an interior design enthusiast. We wanted to create more choice for parents, to ensure they can remain true to their taste. Our homes are our sanctuary, and we want to encourage parents to prioritise protecting their sense of self, even through the changes that family life brings. We are happy to say that The Natural Edit will thrive in helping parents do so.   

Explore The Style Edits and dive deeper into The Natural Edit. Come and tell us what you think over on Instagram @snuzuk 

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