What is KinderFelt™?

So, you may have heard all the buzz about the new kid on the block, our innovative SnuzBaskit. Yes, we’ve been busy behind the scenes bringing the traditional Moses basket into the modern world with great safety features, contemporary design and a responsible new material, KinderFelt™.

When we began designing the SnuzBaskit, we knew that we had to be focused on the next generation, not just in terms of sleep quality and safety, but also for our planet. So, our experts got to work in creating a material that would help generations to come. Here is a quick guide to why we think it’s the perfect choice for our SnuzBaskit.


What makes KinderFelt™ so good for the environment?

Made from 100% recycled plastic, this clever felt-like material uses up plastics that would otherwise have been in landfill or floating around our oceans. By reusing these man-made materials we’re able to positively make a difference to the amount of waste affecting our future.

Not only that, but the sturdiness KinderFelt™ offers means that this Moses basket can last longer and is the perfect hand-me-down when your little ones have outgrown it.

But is this recycled plastic safe for my baby?

Absolutely! KinderFelt™ is free from over 100 harmful chemicals, our expert team have made sure this ultra-breathable material is as safe for your baby as it is kind to the planet.

The way this felt has been created means it encourages airflow and works to make sure moisture isn’t trapped, there will be no soggy bottoms around here!


Is it as noisy as traditional Moses baskets can be?

Nope, one of the key features we were keen to improve on compared to the traditional Moses basket was the funny squeaky noises the wicker or maize can make when moved. This soft, yet durable KinderFelt™ material is almost wool-like making it soundless, meaning all your hard work getting your little one off to sleep won’t be disrupted if you knock the basket. Thank goodness for that!

Does KinderFelt™ come in different colours?

Yes, this versatile material has been created in two shades of grey to help your Moses basket blend in perfectly with modern family home life. Scandi inspired, the SnuzBaskit is the perfect balance between modern and traditional and we hope you’ll agree that the soft yet sturdy make-up of our revolutionary KinderFelt™ will be at home in any setting.

We hope our quick guide to KinderFelt™ has been helpful, as always, if you ever have any queries about any of our product, please get in touch. We also love seeing your photos and videos of how our products have fit into your lives as a family, so remember to tag us on Instagram @snuzuk.

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