Back to Basics: Your Nursery Must-haves

This is it, you’re pregnant! You’re going to become a mother, and now’s the time to start thinking about preparations for when your precious little one

This is it, you’re pregnant! You’re going to become a mother, and now’s the time to start thinking about preparations for when your precious little one arrives.

That’s why we’ve put together this smart buying guide for mamas-to-be! Whether it’s your first time, or you’re on your 2nd or 3rd pregnancy and need a refresher while jotting down your checklist, we’ve gone through our range to pull out all the necessary items you’ll need for your little one’s nursery.

SnuzPod³ Bedside Crib

When it comes to newborn essentials, SnuzPod is as stylish as they get! Keep your baby close while allowing them their own independent sleep space. With a handy 3-in-1 design to meet all your parenting needs with great ease, its removable bassinet means that baby can nap anywhere in a consistent sleep environment throughout the day and night.


Adjust the height and easily attach to your bed for easy access to your little one. SnuzPod makes it so easy to bond with and feed your baby with its drop-down side, as well as some much-needed peace of mind in those early days.

With its lift-off bassinet, as well as its function as a co-sleeper and standalone crib, SnuzPod will save you the expense of buying several options for your new arrival. Learn more about why bedside cribs should be a baby prepping priority for new parents here.


SnuzCloud’s unique style allows it to blend seamlessly into any nursery. Our adorable baby sleep aid features relaxing pink noise among its 4 available sound options, which also include a soothing heartbeat, relaxing waterfall, and calming lullaby. SnuzCloud also has two light options, a calming pink glow that’s perfect for night feeds, as well as a soft white night light.


Whether you’re using it in the nursery, by your bedside with your SnuzPod, or on the go in the car or attached to your pram or buggy - ensure your little one has the best night’s sleep wherever they are. Help comfort and settle your baby when you need it most!

SnuzPouch & Baby Bedding Essentials

Sleeping bags offer a convenient solution to baby bedtimes, and SnuzPouch even more so thanks to its handy nappy-change zip. Making changes during the night quick and easy, putting your little one down for the night in a SnuzPouch means less disturbance for them, and an all-around more snug night’s sleep.


Choose from our varied range of playful designs, from colourful rainbows to classic polka-dots - there’s a design for everyone in our beautiful collection! Fancy completing the set and ticking off a few more newborn essentials from your list? Pair with our matching bedding, with designs covering cribs, prams, Moses baskets, as well as cots and cot beds.

Of course, no bedding set is complete without a mattress protector. For dry and happy nights, be sure to have protectors at hand to protect your baby's crib and cot mattresses.


Ease the transition from crib to cot with our luxuriously modern, Skandi-inspired SnuzKot range. With our SnuzPod bassinet fitting comfortably inside SnuzKot, transitioning from side-sleeping to snoozing in a new nursery is easier than ever.


Designed with 3 mattress heights to see your little one through their first 18 months, as they grow and learn to sit upright, crawl, and grab. Prep ahead with the cot that grows with your child. Extend the length of the bed to suit their needs and see them through up to 10 years of age.


As children grow, their needs change. That’s why we created SnuzSurface, the only mattress that adapts to deliver the right support throughout their growth. To change the level of firmness simply unzip the mattress cover and rearrange the comfort layers inside; it’s that simple


Waterproof, washable, and anti-dustmite, with lasting support and comfort for you child. SnuzSurface offers the full package when it comes to baby mattresses. The best part? You can check your little one's bedtimes off the list for the next 7 years!

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