Designing a Trendy Modern Nursery with Scandinavian-Inspired Decor

At Snüz, there's not much we love more than helping parents design and bring to life beautiful nurseries ready to bring their newborn's home to. It truly is something special! We're experts in all things modern nursery design, so we're here to help you create a space that you and your baby will love.

Our carefully curated collection of modern Scandi nursery furniture combines the "simplicity, functionality, and comfort" typical of Scandinavian design with all the important elements that encourage restful sleep for your baby. Together, they make the perfect mix for a perfect modern nursery.

We've put together our best modern nursery ideas using our Scandi-inspired furniture collection to give you a helping hand in creating the perfect nursery for your baby.


Modern Beds for a Snug and Stylish Night's Sleep

Perhaps the most central part of putting together your baby's modern nursery is giving your baby a safe and comfortable place to sleep. Of course, you want to keep in line with your modern theme, too, so we've curated a selection of beds that will keep your baby safe, sound and stylishly snuggled.

SnüzPod⁴ Bedside Crib

The SnüzPod⁴ is our award-winning and best-selling bedside crib that's perfect for slotting into your modern nursery. And it's award-winning for a reason!

Our innovative design incorporates our ComfortAir breathable system that helps to regulate your baby's temperature whilst they sleep through the night, giving them the best night's sleep possible.

Not only is its design proven to aid your baby's sleep, but its incredibly Scandi-inspired minimal design makes it a perfect addition to your modern nursery! Choose from a range of neutral tones and natural wood colours for a classic Scandi look, and team it with our SnüzPod mattress for a comfy and cosy sleep.

SnüzPod⁴ Bedside Crib

SnüzFino Modern Cot Bed

As seen in Vogue Magazine, our SnüzFino cot bed is the perfect statement piece for your contemporary nursery. The minimalist design will add a fresh, modern touch to your nursery in 4 different neutral colourways, so you can pick whichever one best fits your overarching nursery colour scheme.

Once your child grows into their toddler years, you can use our separate toddler kit to convert their cot to a stylish, den-like toddler bed, perfect for a modern nursery.

SnüzFino Modern Cot Bed

Minimalistic Baby Wardrobes for a Sleek Design

If you're a new parent, you might well have figured out by now that your baby is going to need an awful lot of things. Little outfits, teddies and toys, bedding, blankets,'s impossible to list them all here!

You'll need somewhere to store all your baby's things, of course. A baby wardrobe is an absolute must-have for any nursery – contemporary theme or not. It gives you space to store your baby's things neatly and still fit in with your nursery's minimalist design.

Our SnüzFino and SnüzKot baby wardrobes are perfect for completing your modern nursery. Both are designed in their own Scandi-inspired way but give you plenty of storage and space for your baby's things.

The SnüzFino embodies a more square, minimalistic design, whereas the SnüzKot has more round edges to give a softer feel to the nursery. You can match your chosen wardrobe to the cot bed for a cohesive interior or play around with different tones to create a modern contrast.


Scandi Nursery Dressers for Storage and Style

Scandinavian design is as much about functionality and practicality as it is aesthetics. And at Snüz, we, too, absolutely understand the need for furniture that has both a stylish design and practicality for parents – not least for changing and dressing your baby.

Our baby dressers double up as changing units thanks to their removable changing frames, so you're getting two pieces of furniture in one. Plus, the subtle Scandi design of our SnüzKot and SnüzFino changing tables make them both perfect for adding a touch of modernity to your nursery.

Again, choose a dresser that matches your chosen baby bed and wardrobe for a complete, rounded look, or play around with different shades and tones.


Modern Nursery Furniture Sets

If you are planning on going for the cohesive modern nursery style, you'll find our nursery furniture sets incredibly convenient! Our 2-piece furniture sets include a matching baby bed and dresser, while our 3-piece sets have a matching wardrobe, too.

You can select from our classic SnüzKot and SnüzFino designs for your perfect contemporary nursery set. They'll save you time and money – what's not to love?


Neutral Baby Bedding for the Highest Level of Comfort

Once you've got your central pieces of furniture selected for your baby's room, you'll want to start thinking about the extra – but necessary – touches. And one of the most important on that list is baby bedding.

To stay in line with your Scandi-inspired, modern nursery theme, neutral baby bedding is the best choice here – and that's exactly what we've got!

We have a beautiful collection of minimal baby bedding to nicely match the rest of your Snüz collection and your modern nursery in general. With our breathable cotton fabric, you can be sure that your baby will be sleeping peacefully and in style, too!

Our fitted sheets are designed to fit our range of Snüz beds, cots and SnüzBaskit Moses baskets, making it the perfect accompaniment to the rest of your modern nursery furniture. Plus, our range of SnüzPouch baby sleeping bags will keep your baby snug and warm whilst looking incredibly cute in our designs.


Nursery Accessories to Complement Your Scandi Nursery

To really make your baby's room feel like home, you should complete it with different nursery accessories. You may want to add in accessories like:

  1. A fluffy rug – it can really help to make the space feel even cosier! Choose a colour that ties in with your chosen furniture and bedding to keep in line with your modern nursery look.
  2. Wall art – to add an extra touch of style and personality to the room, you can hang prints and photos in the nursery. Geometric prints and shapes are very Scandi and will help to define your modern nursery style.
  3. Snüz Baby Mobile – a baby mobile will add a sweet touch to your nursery, and our Snüz mobiles come in an adorable and stylish cloud, moon and starts cotton design that will soothe and entertain your baby.
  4. Nightlights – for when you need to check on your baby in the night, a soft nightlight will make it easy. You can choose a simple plug-in wall night light or something more decorative that ties in with the rest of your modern nursery, like a standing lamp.

If you're going for a truly signature Scandi style, it's important not to over-clutter the room – after all, one of the principles of Scandi style is less is more! But that doesn't mean you can't include a few simplistic pieces to really bring your modern nursery to life.


Start Designing Your Perfect Modern Nursery with Snüz

From SnüzPod⁴ bedside cots to Scandi-inspired wardrobes, baby mobiles and more, we have everything you need to bring to life the most special space in your home for your baby. A modern nursery can really bring together the perfect mix of style and comfort – and our Scandi-inspired furniture sets are just the thing to help you do that.

Browse our full collection of modern nursery furniture, or get in touch with our team of baby sleep experts with any questions you have. We'd love to help you create the perfect modern nursery for you and your newborn.

Happy designing!



You'll, of course, want to include all the essential baby furniture, like a baby bed, dresser and wardrobe. Once you've got those picked out, you can fill the rest of the space with accessories, like a rug, mobile and night lamp. Look for colours that are neutral (greys and whites are perfect for modern nurseries) and pieces that have simplistic designs.

They certainly are! Modern nurseries are becoming increasingly popular as parents look for a stylish, calming style, yet still highly practical. The Scandinavian-inspired design provides just that perfect balance. Celebrities and influencers have also been jumping on the modern nursery trend – even new-mum Molly-Mae Hague has opted for the style, using our iconic SnüzPod⁴ bedside crib!

The Scandi style is all about functionality, simplicity and comfort – so it's no surprise that parents love the look! Its minimalistic look is also great for giving off a calming, peaceful atmosphere in the nursery.

Yes, you can! We have a range of 2 and 3-piece nursery furniture sets with the SnüzKot and SnüzFino designs, so you can pick one to match your nursery's theme. It'll also save you time and money compared to picking out each piece individually.

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