Gorgeous Grey

Grey has thrown off its reputation as boring and taken centre stage as the perfect background and base colour from which to build the nursery of your dreams.



If your design concept includes the word ‘contemporary’, the chances are your colour scheme includes grey. If there’s any space that was made for greys, it’s a contemporary one.  

Here’s an interesting little fact: grey’s meteoric rise in popularity in contemporary interior design is largely down to the growing popularity of LED light sources. These energy-efficient lighting options emit a much cooler light than the incandescent light bulbs that have now been banned. A cooler light doesn’t look so great on the magnolia paints of yesterday, but it works very nicely with greys of just about all shades. 

Contemporary is one design trend that works equally well for you and baby. You could create your own quiet space in the nursery for feeding, or if your room needs to be multifunctional, why not add your own corner to cosy up and read your favourite book in those rare moments of peace and quiet?

The cheeky good looks and smooth lines of the SnuzKot make it a perfect addition to a contemporary nursery. Mix up the Haze Grey furniture with your own bold colour scheme and add a splash of vibrant colour, too - or keep things cool and simple in baby’s quiet sleep space. 



Jumping into the deep end of the colour spectrum, don’t be afraid to experiment with darker greys, even in large expanses on the walls. So long as you’re adding some lighter greys or complementary colours elsewhere, (with a gorgeous Haze Grey SnuzKot for example!) most rooms can take a darker grey on the walls.

In addition to choosing some lighter shades of grey for your furniture, consider bringing in a warm tones to add some cosiness to the room. You’ll be surprised just how much warmth grey can offer, once you find the right accent colour to bring it out. Think deep royal colours: reds, purples, pinks, indigo and some darker burnt oranges.



If you want greys and warmth in your nursery but you don’t like the dark cosy cave vibe – then you’re asking for too much. Just kidding. We reckon vintage is the way to have it all here.

Whether it’s a Wild West American vibe, or a British countryside feel, a light cool grey makes a great base for warmer creams and even soft pinks. Make sure you bring in textures for interest to create that haphazard vintage vibe that gives a room a sense of history and heritage.

Don’t worry about how cool the main grey on the walls is; in fact, you WANT it to be a cool shade of grey to allow the warmth from your curtains, rugs and furniture to balance out without becoming overwhelming. 

As for your cot, well, the beech and Haze Grey SnuzKot with matching changing unit will work perfectly, with the natural beech picking up the warmth in the room, and the Haze Grey tying everything in nicely with the walls and background.



And finally, if light and bright is your thing, let grey help you keep things elegant. It’s an ideal base to keep things feeling relaxed and refreshing, even when you bring in softer, feminine touches, like the all-out pink curtains in this photo.

Keep your choice of grey light (obviously), as with the vintage style; you don’t want to warm it up too much. The goal here is to make the most of any natural light, support that with additional light sources around the room – think of soft shining beacons of light dotted around your princess’ castle.

By keeping things cool with the grey base, you should avoid any sickly sweet overdoses from the pinks. Unless that’s your thing, in which case rock on! 

If you ask us, the Haze Grey SnuzKot looks at its finest in a bright and airy nursery. But the joy of neutrals is their flexibility. Modern lines, natural wood, and sophisticated greys help open up just about any space and immediately bring a sense of relaxation to your baby’s all-important sleep space.

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