Transform Your Nursery With These Modern Grey And White Nursery Ideas

Decorating a nursery is a fun and exciting experience that many new parents will never forget! Because your baby’s nursery will hold a special place in your heart forever, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to choosing styles and furniture.

If a paired down and classy grey and white nursery theme is saved to your Pinterest ideas board, we’ve curated a few ideas for grey and white nursery furniture to help you pull it all together!

A modern grey and white nursery is the perfect style for any baby's bedroom, and that’s why we love it. You don't have to worry about it becoming outdated or out of style, and it’s gender neutral – grey and white are classic and timeless shades.

Neutral colours give you a great base to build on and customise to your own taste. By adding texture with mixes of materials like wood, fabric and metal, you can create a space that is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for your baby.

You can easily turn your spare room into something special for your baby if you know how to use grey and white palettes to your advantage.

With our grey and white nursery ideas and tips, you’ll be able to navigate your nursery decor and transform your space into a stylish and comfortable room that you’ll remember forever. Let's get started!


Baby Bed Ideas

One of the first things you’ll start thinking about when planning your grey and white nursery is where your newborn will sleep when they are ready to stay in their own room (6 months or older).

Making sure your baby has a comfortable and safe sleeping environment is essential for their development. Our beautiful Scandi-style range has plenty of grey and white bed options for your little one that will blend perfectly with the rest of your nursery furniture and decor.

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SnuzPod4 - Slate


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SnuzKot Skandi - White


Moses Basket

We know that keeping an eye on your baby during the first few months of life is important, and a Moses basket allows you to do just that. A classic favourite amongst parents of newborns, a Moses basket feels like a cocoon for your baby. They are perfect for baby's up to 6 months old, as they allow you to transport your baby around the house.

Your baby can sleep snugly while you go about your day, without worrying about constantly getting up to check if they are safe.

Our SnuzBaskit range reinvents the traditional Moses basket – they are bigger (45% larger than a traditional basket), stronger, lighter (20% lighter) and more breathable.

To perfectly integrate into your modern grey and white nursery ideas, we recommend the SnuzBaskit in Light Grey. The KinderFelt™ material used to craft the Moses basket will fit in with the rest of your modern nursery furniture. And the Moses basket stand is painted in a smooth dove grey, further complimenting your nursery decor.

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SnuzBaskit - Dark Grey


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SnuzBaskit Bundle Light Grey



Of course, it's important to bear in mind that there will come a time when your baby will need to transition from a Moses basket to their own crib. Providing your baby with a roomy sleeping space is important for their development, as well as ensuring that they have enough room to move around.

For your modern grey and white nursery ideas, we recommend the SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib in Dusk. Our award-winning crib has a ComfortAir breathable system to help with regulating your baby's temperature (which is especially important for their safety).

The contemporary design of the SnuzPod4 will fit in with the rest of your modern grey and white nursery ideas – the curves of the crib are sleek and timeless.

And to help make things easier for parents, the bassinet can lift off the crib structure so that you can move it around your home, perfect for those late-night feeds.

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SnuzPod4 White


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SnuzPod4 Starter Bundle



For a slightly larger sleeping space for your little one, a cot is a perfect choice. It can be used from the moment your baby is born up until their toddler years, so it's ideal if you want to invest in a longer-lasting piece of furniture.

Our SnuzKot range, with designs inspired by traditional Scandinavian style, is the perfect choice to fit in with your modern grey and white nursery ideas.

We definitely recommend the SnuzKot Haze Grey for a timeless and unique look. The combination of the grey colour and natural wood details makes the SnuzKot Haze a perfect addition to your modern grey and white nursery.

It even includes plenty of clever features, such as the three adjustable mattress heights and the ability to transform into a junior bed (up to 10 years old) with the help of the optional extension kit. So not only will your baby have a comfy and stylish place to sleep, but it will also last throughout their childhood.

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SnuzFino and Toddler Kit


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SnuzKot Slate


Our Top Grey & White Nursery Furniture Ideas

As well as a space for your baby to sleep, the nursery will need storage and furniture because – as everyone knows – baby's come with a lot of stuff!

If you have cream or white walls, grey and white furniture pieces are a great option; they will stand against the walls and work to create a tranquil space, which is exactly what you want for your baby.

Our grey and white nursery furniture pieces use the two colours in combination to help you create a contemporary-style nursery (which is currently very on-trend).


Your baby will come with a lot of clothes, so having plenty of room to store their outfits is essential. You don't want your nursery to be cluttered or cramped, otherwise it could pose a safety hazard.

Snuz's nursery wardrobes are what you need to match your modern grey and white nursery ideas. We have two styles of wardrobes – the SnuzKot and the SnuzFino. Both of these wardrobes boast a minimal and contemporary design, perfect for your chic nursery.

Opt for one of our white wardrobes to complement the neutral colour walls and work to open up the space. Or choose a grey wardrobe to bring depth and contrast to the room – we love the SnuzFino Wardrobe in Dove for this.

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SnuzFino Wardrobe Grey


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SnuzKot Wardrobe Natural


Changing Table

A changing table is a necessity in every baby's nursery. You will have to change your baby's nappies and clothes multiple times a day, so having an easy-to-reach (and comfortable) changing station is essential.

Of course, your changing table should be practical (since that's its main purpose), but you'll also want it to fit in with your modern grey and white nursery ideas.

Look for a changing table that will match the other items you have in the nursery, such as the crib or cot and wardrobe. Nursery furniture pieces that match are a great way to add unity and cohesiveness to the room.


For added storage, a dresser is essential in any baby’s nursery. It can be used to store all kinds of things – extra clothes, blankets and toys.

Our changing tables actually double as a dresser, so you get the best of both worlds. This is especially great if you have limited space in the room, so you can just have one piece of furniture taking up floor space.

We have SnuzFino and SnuzKot style changing units to match your SnuzFino or SnuzKot wardrobe, so you can really bring your modern grey and white nursery look together.

We recommend positioning the dresser/changing table near the cot or crib for convenience, as you'll likely be using both pieces of furniture back and forth throughout the day.

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SnuzFino Changing Unit Slate


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SnuzKot Changing Unit Grey


Nursery Furniture Sets for a Cohesive Nursery

Keeping nursery furniture in line with the rest of your nursery design can be tricky if you like different pieces from different brands.

Opting for a nursery furniture set is a brilliant way to create a cohesive look throughout your baby's nursery. Rather than having the search for products that look like they could match well together, you can find sets of furniture that are all coordinated.

Snuz has a selection of 2-piece and 3-piece nursery furniture sets, so you can find the perfect grey and white nursery furniture for your baby’s nursery.

Our 2-piece furniture sets consist of a cot and changing table, and our 3-piece sets come with a wardrobe, too. Both sets are co-styled, featuring grey and white and a natural wood finish.

It's the most convenient way to get the nursery furniture you need while keeping your modern grey and white nursery look intact.

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SnuzKot 3 Piece Natural


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SnuzFino 3 Piece Slate


Decorating Your Nursery With Accessories

Decorating your nursery with accessories is the perfect way to make your baby's room feel as cosy and personal as possible. After all, you and your baby want to feel happy and relaxed in this new space and grow with it together.

There are endless nursery accessory options you can go for, but here are our top picks:

Wall Art

Adding wall art to walls is one of the easiest ways to bring colour and personality into any room.

Choose pieces that have special meaning or reflect something about you or your child's interests. A feature wall can work to create an eye-catching focal point, while smaller wall art can be used to balance out the grey and white colour scheme.

Prints & Posters

A fun way to add character to your nursery walls is by hanging prints or posters in interesting frames. These could feature cartoon characters, animals, plants etc., depending on what style or theme you're going for.

Soft Furnishings & Textiles

Introducing textiles such as cuddly cushions, rugs and throws will also help create a cosy and inviting atmosphere in the nursery; you can use these items both functionally as well as aesthetically for nursing and sensory play.

When picking out accessories for your nursery, think about how they'll work together within the room's overall theme.

Consider colours that complement each other, textures that will enhance comfort levels and accents that will complete the look nicely – all while keeping baby’s safety top-of-mind too!


Baby Mobiles

A baby mobile is good for a baby’s mental and visual development while also adding a touch of fun to the nursery. Choose one that has coordinating colours or themes with other pieces in the room, as this will help create a more pulled-together look.

You can find a Snuz Baby Mobile in six colours; dove, white, natural, navy, rose white and slate to match your SnuzPod or SnuzKot. The plush stars, moons and clouds will bring added texture and interest to your baby's sleeping space, alongside helping soothe them to sleep.

Get Started on your Grey and White Nursery with Snuz

Creating the perfect nursery for your little one is a personal experience, and with our modern grey and white nursery ideas, you’ve got the perfect inspiration to create something special and transform your space.

Grey and white are ideal colours for a nursery, encouraging relaxation and creating a calming atmosphere – it's the perfect backdrop for your little one's growth and development.

From choosing the right baby bed to a vast array of baby nursery accessories, there are many ways to create a space for your baby that you'll both love.

And with Snuz's wide range of contemporary, Scandi-inspired nursery furniture, making your vision come to life is easier than ever.

You can browse our collection of nursery furniture here.


If you're struggling to come up with the perfect colour scheme, grey and white are always a classic choice that will look timeless and elegant. You can add in splashes of colour with wall art, rugs and other decor pieces to break up the grey tones.

Opt for multipurpose pieces to get the most value for money. For example, our Snuz changing tables double as a dresser, so you can save space while still having a stylish storage solution.

Hanging curtains or wallpapers around the room can add depth and dimension. Mirrors are also a great way to open up a space, as they create an illusion of more room. Removing clutter will also help make your nursery appear bigger and brighter.

Using grey and white as the main colour palette is a great way to achieve a gender-neutral look. You can then add in splashes of colour with wall art, rugs, bedding or furniture. Stick to natural materials such as wood and cotton for an earthy feel.

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