How to Design a Nursery That Grows With Your Child

Planning your baby’s nursery is an exciting project, with your little one’s room holding more promise than any other in your home. It’s where you’ll spend much of your time bonding with and caring for baby, feeding them, putting them to sleep, and watching them grow.

It’s common for parents to remark how quickly their little ones grow up right before their eyes in a matter of months. So, how can you futureproof your little one’s nursery when, by their very nature, they’re going to grow and change in such a short space of time? Read on for our tips on how to design a nursery that grows with your child.

Flexible & Long-lasting Design

One of the many reasons why Scandinavian nursery design has become so popular in the past decade is down to its stylish functionality. The elegance is all in the details, whether that’s clever storage solutions that keep the room free of clutter, or a focus on mature, contemporary furniture pieces with a unique, playful twist.

Finding furniture and accessories for your little one’s nursery that can be used or enjoyed beyond infancy, throughout the toddler years, and beyond is a great way to ensure the function of the room stays flexible, with a focus on your child’s ever-changing needs.


Keep it Neutral

When it comes to nursery design, many people often think of traditional pastel shades. However, if you’re looking to get more mileage out of your style choices, aim to keep the colour scheme neutral. Think greys, whites, cream, beige, even black if you’re feeling bolder.

Not only does a neutral colour scheme work better for a gender-neutral nursery, but it generally means you’re less likely to have to drastically repaint or redecorate as your little one grows and their tastes change.

Neutrals don’t have to be boring either, as you can still incorporate eye-catching pattern play and interesting art prints like @jessranger has done with her monochrome sprinkle feature wall below. Also note that any colourful accessories you do include will stand out more against a more neutral colour palette, allowing for more mix and match as your baby grows.


Long-lasting Furniture

When it comes to buying furniture for your baby’s nursery, think of everything as an investment. If you’re buying brand new, consider sets and collections that allow for a change of function as your baby grows, with a timeless feel that will suit the style of your nursery long term. Doing this will ensure your money goes further, and means less effort dismantling and building new pieces every year or so.

Straightforward yet stylish, longevity is ensured with our SnuzKot Cot Bed, designed for use with an extension kit, allowing it to grow with your little one. With three adjustable mattress heights to adapt as your baby grows, the base can be lowered at any time to prevent your little one from trying to climb out. From cot, to toddler bed, all the way to junior bed - SnuzKot can see your little one up until approximately 10 years of age!

Designed for use with our SnuzSurface mattress range, these dual-sided adaptable mattresses ensure your child gets age-appropriate sleep support as they grow. A mattress extension is also available for when you decide to extend your cot bed.

Designed to pair with your SnuzKot Cot Bed, our SnuzKot Skandi Wardrobe and Changing unit offer the perfect storage solutions for an organised nursery. Modern and minimal, the SnuzKot Wardrobe features adjustable shelving and rails, plus a large drawer for storing all your baby’s essentials. Meanwhile, the SnuzKot Changing Unit provides three spacious drawers, and features a removable changing frame for conversion to a standalone dresser as they age out of nappies.

All of our furniture is made without the use of MDF or veneer, ensuring high-quality solid wood pieces that are designed to last. Available individually or as a three or two-piece set, our contemporary nursery furniture collection grows with your child’s changing needs, and is the ideal choice for a long-lasting nursery.


Use What’s Available to You

While part of planning for your new arrival will of course mean acquiring a few new items, consider looking at things you already own that can be repurposed or given a new lease of life in your little one’s nursery.

Have you held onto any cherished toys or keepsakes from your own childhood that are currently gathering dust in a garage or attic? Why not continue a family tradition and make them a part of your baby’s new nursery. It’s easy to get swept up in buying lots of new toys for your baby, and doing this adds an extra sentimental touch to the space.

Do you already own organisers or storage baskets that don’t get used as much in other parts of the house? If so, consider bringing them into the nursery as drawer or shelf organisers for things like nappies, baby wipes, and other essentials. These are likely to come in handy as they grow for other things too, like clothes, underwear, and various other must-haves.

Quality, Timeless Decor

When choosing decor pieces, opt for patterns and designs that have staying power. Stripes, spots, and simple motifs tend to last longer, and are always visible somewhere in the trend cycle.

Our range of bedding features a number of cute designs, including spots in black, white, pink, grey or multi-colour options depending on the style you’re going for. Our original Cloud Nine design remains our most popular and long-lasting motif, and is suitable for girls and boys.

All of our bedding is made using super soft cotton for long-lasting quality, and promises to be gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. To make sure both your bedding and your mattress last longer, we also recommend investing in at least 3-4 mattress protectors. Having spares to hand ensures you’re always covered in case of accidents, and can have one in the wash while another is in use.

Looking for More Nursery Design Inspiration?

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