How To Introduce Colour To The Nursery

What’s your little one’s favourite colour? Colour makes all the difference in your nursery and can be hugely influential on mood. So don’t forget that first and foremost this is a sleep space. The colours you choose should ideally contribute to that relaxing, snoozy atmosphere.

We’ve developed SnuzKot Cot Bed with the flexibility to pick a colour and a style that fits with your own nursery colour scheme, but what will that be? Here are a handful of on-trend colour scheme suggestions and some tips and tricks on how to introduce colour to your nursery.



Keep things calm and dreamy with a pastel colour palette. Pastels are so subtle that you can pretty much pull in as much colour as you fancy so long as it’s all from the same pastel palette. Check out this beautiful pastel nursery shared by @honghenwoodstylist



Looking to steer clear of any gendered colours? Go neutral and be amazed at how much interest you can create with different hues of greys, creams and stone colours. We love this neutral nursery design shared by @3elfenkinder



Part of a broader design trend incorporating natural colours and inspiration, forest green is kind of a big deal right now. But more importantly, it makes for a beautiful fresh addition to your nursery space.

This nursery was designed for a brother and a sister to share; we just love the detail on the natural fig leaf wallpaper!


Nautical blues

Like forest greens, blues make a real statement. We love the way interior designer Neelam has just singled out a couple of items of furniture to highlight with blue while keeping the rest of this nursery a calm natural off-white.

Even nurseries with the same colour theme can have a completely different aesthetic from one another. From the deepest sea blues, to fresh forest greens and calming neutrals, it’s all about your unique take on the colour and how you choose to introduce it into your little one’s nursery.

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