How to Style Your Nursery With Slate

Introducing the bold new colourway for style-conscious parents. We're thrilled to unveil the Slate Collection, a strong and trendy tone that's sure to be popular with parents who love the modern look.

Looking for a clean slate when it comes to your nursery or bedroom design? Read on for some tips on how to incorporate this striking colour into your interior design.


Neutrals Don’t Have to Be Dull

You only have to glance at Pinterest or style-led Instagram feeds to know that grey is very on-trend when it comes to interior design. Sitting in the sweet spot between soft, bright whites and darker, more muted hues, grey offers a wonderfully versatile alternative. Whether it’s the backdrop for more colourful accents, or the centrepiece of your nursery colour scheme, grey is a super flexible option for contemporary living spaces.

It’s All in the Vibe

While calming Haze and Dove greys typically offer softer, more restful vibe, darker greys like Slate have their place, too. Bold though darker tones can be, they can be perfect when decorating for your little one. Newborns only see black, white, and grey as their eyesight develops in their first few months. This makes darker, monochromatic designs much easier for your baby to take in, and can result in some dreamy nursery design


Even for toddlers and children, using darker colours in your nursery design can help create a grounding, comforting atmosphere, whilst also exuding a sense of glamour and opulence. Teamed with complementary neutrals, like the black and white in our Teepee play tents, they can add a dash of sophisticated fun to any room.

When it comes to bedding, our Mono Rainbow, Mono Spot, and grey crib and cot bed sheets are just the thing to add some playful patterns to your little one's Slate grey nursery. Browse our range of bedding here for more inspiration.

Get Your Greys Right

Get your greys on point, and the addition of bolder shades will really bring the room together. You can do this through smaller details like rugs and pillows, or with larger statement pieces.

If you’re opting for paler greys for your overall colour scheme for example, introducing a Slate SnuzKot or SnuzPod will instantly add an eye-catching element, highlighting these as centrepieces and focal points in the nursery.


If you want to warm up the space, colourwise, consider introducing more natural wood textures and colours. These, alongside wicker detailing, and warm metallics like copper or rose gold will pair well with darker tones like Slate grey, and lift the overall tint of the room, making it feel cosier and more inviting.

Get Creative

Grey doesn’t have to be dull. Slate grey, alongside similar grey tones, can work perfectly in a range of different nursery design schemes. Whether you’re devoted to a minimalist Scandi look, or prefer a bit of shabby chic, organised clutter and maximalism, grey is a failsafe neutral for any nursery.

This brand-new unisex option is guaranteed to look beautiful in any home. Make a statement with Slate. Discover our striking new range of nursery furniture today.

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