Only Ombré

One of the best things about modern nursery design has to be the sheer variety of styles and colour. Long gone are the days of plain pink for girls and basic blue for boys. Now, it’s creativity and style that lead the way.

This new lease of originality is what inspired us in creating SnuzKot. We wanted to build a cot that was individually styled to take centre stage in your dream nursery. The next step in this is our latest style, the ombré SnuzKot. Modern, sleek lines, with a gorgeous gradient – check it out here.

There’s so much fun to be had with the ombré trend and it’s perfect for a bit of DIY if you’re feeling in the mood. Ready to blend it like a pro? If you love the new ombré SnuzKot, check out these ombré styles and custom project ideas for some more inspiration.


Dreamy ombré curtains

Soft peachy glows blending into a cooler grey give these curtains shared by @cottonpaperthread a soft touch without making the nursery feel overly ‘pink’. The different shades are picked up in the globe, adding extra interest for the baby, while the greys make these curtains nice and easy to fit into existing neutral colour schemes like those in our going greige nursery blog.



Feeling more ambitious? How about a statement ombré wall in the nursery? This mountain mural from the team behind Design by Numbers was inspired by the couple’s ‘babymoon’. Glacial blues, soft greys, and a design that brings interest for baby and fond memories for Mum and Dad, too.


Angle delight

Angel, angle … see what we did there? OK, sorry that joke was rubbish, UNLIKE this stunning chevron ombré design from @ladamslane. Taking things up a notch blending different colours within the same palette, we go from deep purples, through soft greens and almost all the way back around with an indigo blue. Beautiful!


Perfect peach

If you’re easing yourself into ombré and don’t fancy a full-on investment or all the work involved in a custom wall, a chest of drawers like this is the perfect place to start. You’ve got your canvas already segmented out for you, and all you need do is pick the colours and get painting each drawer. An extra tip – grab a paint colour swatch from the hardware store and you’ll have a pre-made selection of colours that work well together in a stunning gradient.



Here’s an instant ombré classic: The bold deep blues, all the way up to meet the white that connects the wall to the rest of this stylish nursery, full of clean lines and smart storage. If you’re wondering how on earth they did such an amazing paint job, then rejoice, because this is wallpaper!



Finally, a proper DIY ombré wall project. This is a lovely soft nursery, full of trinkets and handmade items and accessories so it makes total sense that even the paint is a custom design by the owners. There’s a tutorial walking you through the creation of the scallop design and paint selection too. Ambitious DIY parents, we salute you!

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