Tips for Designing a Scandinavian Style Nursery

Scandinavian nursery style is at the heart of so many of our design choices here at Snuz. An inspiration to us from the get-go, it’s a style that is part of our very DNA, and intrinsic to our most popular products. Join us as we explore Scandinavian style, and offer up some tips on how to achieve this look in your own nursery.

What is Scandinavian Nursery Style?

Typified by its fresh modernity and minimalism, Scandinavian design manages to combine elements of cosy ‘hygge’ with a contemporary, clutter-free look. Characterised by bright, well-lit spaces, clean lines, and the inclusion of natural materials, the Scandinavian style brings a dreamy yet functional look to any space.

An ideal aesthetic for the modern nursery, it’s no wonder that so many parents have been inspired. Though not the most colourful style, this makes it perfect for gender-neutral nurseries, though it can of course be adapted to suit personal tastes where needed.


Your Nursery as an Empty Page

The key to Scandinavian design is in clean, bright space. Ensure the room you’re working with can be well lit, either artificially or with windows or skylights to add a burst of natural light.

A white or neutral base provides the perfect blank canvas to work from. Depending on your personal taste, this can be done with warmer off-white tones, cream, or even grey-toned paints. The key to this style is neutrality, so anything that isn’t too loud works well.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match, either. A variety of neutrals can pair well, especially if you’re working with concrete or wooden panelling and floors. Once happy with your base, you can begin to think about adding colour through accessories such as bedding or art prints for the walls.

The whites and neutrals that make up the room will help the colours you do use stand out even more, and make decorating changes as your little one grows even easier.

Sleep in Style

Scandinavian style is renowned for its soft yet clean lines and edges. Echoed in the design of our SnuzKot Skandi Cot Bed, this modern classic is as popular as ever. Functionality without the frills, SnuzKot is stylish and functional, embodying the ethos of Scandinavian design. SnuzKot is also available in a number of neutral colourways to complement the rest of your Nordic nursery.

Straightforward yet stylish, SnuzKot also promises longevity with its extension kit ensuring it grows with your little one. From cot, to toddler bed, all the way to junior bed - SnuzKot can see your little one up until approximately 10 years of age!

Less is More

When it comes to this aesthetic, less really is more. Reliable storage solutions are essential for keeping that clean, minimal look.

Our SnuzKot Skandi Wardrobe and Changing unit offer the perfect storage solutions to suit your Scandinavian nursery, and pair perfectly with the SnuzKot Cot Bed. Modern and minimal in true Nordic style, SnuzKot Wardrobe features adjustable shelving and rails plus a large drawer. Meanwhile, the SnuzKot Changing Unit provides three spacious drawers for storing all your baby’s essentials, and features a removable changing frame for conversion to a standalone dresser as they age out of nappies.

All of our furniture is made without the use of MDF or veneer, ensuring high-quality solid wood pieces that are designed to last. Available individually or as a three or two-piece set, our contemporary nursery furniture collection is perfect for all your storage needs.

Along with reliable and long-lasting furniture, storage solutions such as woven baskets, hanging macrame and wooden storage pockets, and floating shelves are a great way of featuring natural materials in your nursery in a fun yet functional way.


Adding Playful Touches

Now for the fun part. The nursery is your little one’s bedroom after all, so avoid making it too clinical. Add a little whimsy through playful, decorative touches. Maybe this looks like a handful of their favourite toys displayed artfully on a shelf, a fun and colourful lampshade, or some bunting hanging from ceiling to wall for a more cosy, clubhouse feel.

Our Snuz Baby Mobile adds a touch of wonder to your baby’s bedtimes through its soft, celestial charms. Designed for use with both SnuzPod and SnuzKot, simply attach and detach depending on where they’re sleeping.

Our range of playful bedding & sleepwear designs come in a variety of colourful and monochromatic tones, featuring stars, rainbows, spots, and clouds - ideal for a gender-neutral nursery.

Be Intentional

When it comes to the placement of your furniture and accessories, think hard about placement in the context of the space you’re working with. If you’re working with a smaller room, consider floating or hanging storage to avoid a cramped, cluttered look.

While a clean wood-panelled floor is practical for any accidents or spillages, adding touches of comfort like sheepskin or tasselled rugs is a great way to incorporate some texture into your little one’s space. Think chunky knit blankets draped over the back of a nursing chair for added cosiness at feeding time, and ‘hygge’ vibes. Consider detachable storage solutions like pockets or pouches that can be grabbed when needed most. Once you start thinking in terms of style and practicality, you’re well on your way into the Scandinavian style mindset.

Looking for More Nordic Design Inspiration?

It’s no secret that we love the Scandinavian aesthetic, and you’ll see shades of it across our many nursery style guides. For more nursery style tips and inspiration, why not follow us on Instagram, or tag us in your nursery snaps for a chance to be featured!

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