Ideas for Keeping the Kids Entertained at Home

With social distancing becoming the new normal, it’s more than likely that you and your little ones will be spending more time indoors. Stuck for things to keep them busy with? Here are just a few

With social distancing becoming the new normal, it’s more than likely that you and your little ones will be spending more time indoors. Stuck for things to keep them busy with? Here are just a few ideas to stave off the blues and keep them entertained for hours!


Discover Your inner artist

Get creative with some drawing, painting, and crafts! Create an art wall to display all your lovely pictures, set up a theme or prompt each week to get everyone's imaginations going. Why not give our FREE colouring book a go? Just print it out and have your little ones designing their own SnuzPouch, or creating a silly expression for SnuzCloud! Colouring can be a great stress reliever, and a fun yet relaxing activity to pass the time.


Pamper session

Got room to spare in your calendar? Schedule a pamper and self-care session, or even a whole day! Get the kids involved with glittery bath bombs, gentle face masks and body lotions, and colourful nail polish. Break out your fluffiest towels, dressing gowns, and cosiest sleepwear to make sure everyone feels comfy.


Cut up some cucumbers to place over everyone's eyes. See how long your kids can sit still with them on before wriggling about, or simply chop them up as a refreshing snack! Take it in turns giving one another back massages and playing about with different hairstyles and up-dos. Bundle up your littlest in a cute hooded towel and break out the massage oil so they can get in on the pampering, too!

Hide & seek

Nothing beats a good old fashioned game of hide & seek. Want to shake things up? Turn it into a game of sardines, or get silly camouflaging and try to blend in with your surroundings. Keep a prize on hand for whoever's disguise is the best!

Get creative in the kitchen

Got any recipes you've been aching to try? Root through the cupboards and see what you can knock together. Stick with simple recipes and get your kids involved with whisking, kneading dough, or decorating! Cupcakes, pizza, cookies, or even gingerbread men are all great options. Whatever recipe you choose, keep your little chefs busy teaching by them how things are done in the kitchen. Once you're finished, enjoy the rewarding outcome of your bakes!


go on a Treasure Hunt

Get creative and create a scavenger hunt for your kids. Leave clues dotted around the house or garden, with riddles, hidden prizes, and surprise challenges! Create a treasure or trail map to guide them, and keep things light and fun by picking a theme and running with it. Are you a band of pirates hunting for treasure on a desert island? Are you discovering the secrets of an ancient castle, or exploring jungle ruins? Set the scene and encourage everyone to get into character with dress up and props!

Create a play den

Create a play den with old sheets or cardboard boxes. Cosy it up and fill it with comfy pillows, toys, and books for your kids to enjoy. Our Teepees are perfect for making that special play den or fort especially magical, especially when paired with our matching Playmats that fit snugly inside. Decorate the den with fairy lights, bunting, and paper crafts to personalise and make it your own. Half the fun is putting it all together, but once it's done, just think of all the shenanigans you'll get up to inside!


Have a movie marathon

All those cartoons and kids movies you've wanted to sit down and watch with your little ones but been too busy to? Well now's your chance! Grab the popcorn, pick your films, and settle in for PJ day under the duvet, in your play den, or on the sofa.

Write letters to family

Phone and video calls are good fun, but why not have your little ones write some letters to friends and family as well? They'll love to hear how everyone is doing and what you're up to, and snail mail is always a delight to receive. Pour your hearts out onto a page or two of paper, or design your own cards to add an artistic element. Include stickers, photos, and drawings you want to share with them. For older relatives who might not be able to go out at the moment, describe your days, or include pressed flowers picked on your daily walk. Make your letters like a paper hug for your loved ones to cherish!


Form a Storytelling Club

Get reading together, or sit around and have a chat about your favourite stories with mugs of hot chocolate and marshmallows. Do this in a reading nook or den, and bring along some pens and paper so you can write your own stories and share them together. Get your little ones giggling with a game of fold over stories. One person writes down the main character, folds the paper, and then passes it on to the next person who writes what they do, then folds it again. With each fold, different participants write different snippets of the story. Once done, unfold it all and read the silly story you've created together!


Have a photoshoot

Whack out the digital camera or smart phone and take some snaps with your little ones! Dig out the makeup and drape old scarves, towels, and blankets for glamorous DIY chic. Pose with props like flowers and toys, have a pout and have them flash their cheekiest smiles. Whether it's to send to friends and family or just to keep and look back on for a giggle, this is a super easy activity that anyone can have fun doing. Get creative, or keep it just plain silly. Most of all, have fun!

Give a Puzzle or boardgame a go

Puzzles are great thing to have lying around on a coffee table or section of the dining table you won't miss. They're a great project you and the kids can dip in and out of when you fancy. Also, what's your board game collection looking like? If playing boardgames is a tradition that only seems to happen at Christmas, bring it alive again while you've got more time on your hands. Go analogue and enjoy a bit of competitive fun as a family.


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