Introducing The SnuzCurve Pregnancy Pillow

With so much change going on it's really important that you’re prepared for it. As much as you can be anyway.
As you tell people your news, there will be more and more friends that you can turn to for advice, ask for help with day to day things, or just get a good old rant in after a tough day.

But what sleeping, and more specifically finding the perfect pregnancy sleep position?

As your body changes, you’ll need more sleep, and sleeping properly whilst pregnant will recharge you, and also to help to alleviate back pain, hip pain, and leg cramps.

There’s a whole load of information out there about the perfect pregnancy sleep position and how you should and shouldn’t be sleeping. What’s best for you, your body and your baby. But if you are literally fast asleep, how can you keep it all in check?

This is where SnuzCurve really steps in.


What Is The SnuzCurve?

SnuzCurve is a full body pregnancy pillow that makes sure you’re in a relaxed and comfortable pregnancy sleep position for both you and bump.

First of all, it's comfy. I’m sure we’ve all experienced a dodgy pillow at some point, no-one's going to have a good night like that.

SnuzCurve actually works from the shoulders down, meaning you don’t need to change what you’re resting your head on. Pillows are personal, and SnuzCurve keeps it that way.

With its soft, breathable and washable material, you can be rest assured, you’ll be a snug bug in a rug. Or hopefully a bed…

So now comfort is taken care of, how does SnuzCurve keep you correct too?


Perfect Pregnancy Sleep Positioning

We mentioned earlier that sleeping properly is really important. The NHS advises pregnant women to sleep on their sides. This allows the best flow of blood and oxygen to you and your bump.

If you aren’t used to it, sleeping on your side can feel unnatural, so it’s definitely a good idea to get into this habit as soon as you can, ideally in the first trimester.

SnuzCurve has been designed to get you off to sleep in the perfect pregnancy sleep position, that side position, but also to keep you there.


How KneeBlade Improves Sleep Posture

Its unique KneeBlade guides your legs into that sleep posture you need, and it also gives cushioning in between your legs, making it super simple to just stay put. No tossing and turning.

That cushioning between the legs has another function too. It runs from your hips all the way down to your ankles, meaning all that hip pressure gets a rest too, and leg cramps are now kept at bay.


Support Cushioning

SnuzCurve’s Upper Core Cushion also keeps you in position by stopping your shoulders from rolling, and also being really… well, really huggable.

The Upper Core Cushion has another function though. It's been designed to alleviate back pain. It takes pressure off your bump, supports your shoulders and keeps your spine in a neutral position.

There are a few things that set SnuzCurve apart, but one that sets the bar high, is the fact that it's been developed by a dream team (if you will) of Midwives, Chiropractors, Health Visitors, Physios, and also mums to be. This team is behind all aspects, meaning you can relax in the knowledge that SnuzCurve really does have your back.


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