Creating Your SnuzPod Sleep Routine

SnuzPod is designed to make parents and their baby’s life just that little bit easier, keeping them close in those first few months. With that closeness will come an understanding of what makes your little one tick. Do they like being rocked to sleep, or do they prefer listening to lullabies to help them doze off? Though all babies are different, here are just a few ideas you might want to incorporate into your little one’s SnuzPod sleep routine!

Sensory Relaxation

Sensory relaxation is a great way to soothe baby before bed, and can involve a number of different tools and techniques. The key is to ensure no sudden movements, loud noises, or bright, distracting lights or toys. Think soft, soothing music, gentle mood lighting in calming colours, soft textures and toys. SnuzMobile is designed to perch atop your SnuzPod as a sweet sleep accessory, encouraging relaxation with its celestial array of plush stars, puffy white clouds, and a curvy crescent moon to dance above your little one's head as they drift into the land of nod.

SnuzMobile is perfect to create a relaxing sensory experience for your little one, along with the glow of a soft night light and quiet lullabies for added ambience.


Think Pink

If your baby enjoys listening to lullabies or white noise, then SnuzCloud might be the perfect addition to their SnuzPod sleep routine! With a handy velcro strap to hang on the bars of your SnuzPod, you can make sure to keep it close when nap time comes around.

Made from a super soft plush fabric that’s perfect for sensory relaxation, this adorable naptime companion is ideal for cuddles. With pink noise among its 4 available sound options, which also include a soothing heartbeat, relaxing waterfall, and calming lullaby - it’s a welcome addition to any bedside or nursery. In fact, according to a survey we conducted this year, nearly half of parents (46%) have used white and/or pink noise to help their little one get to sleep. So, it must be worth a shot, right?

The only baby sleep aid to have two light options, SnuzCloud has parents and babies covered. Choose the calming pink glow that lights SnuzCloud’s fluffy cheeks to help your little one wind down. Designed to mimic the ambience of the womb that newborns are so accustomed to, it’s an extremely comforting colour, particularly during the fourth trimester. The second option is a soft white light, ideal for pre-nap and nighttime feeds.


Dream Feeding

Napping and feeding go hand-in-hand with babies, hence why some parents like to dream feed their baby to help them sleep longer. What is dream feeding? Well, it’s a term used to describe the act of late night feeds after you’ve put your little one to sleep. It involves gently waking your baby up enough to allow them to feed in a semi-upright position, before putting them back down to sleep.

Whilst it might seem counterintuitive to rouse baby from their sleep once down, it’s thought that waking your baby for a late feed might fill them up for long enough to help them sleep for longer.

Dream feeding doesn’t work for all parents and babies, as with much of the existing sleep advice for newborns, every baby is different! However, if dream feeding is something you think you would like to try with your baby, make sure to speak to your health visitor or midwife to ensure you’re doing it safely.

Gentle Movement

In our Sleep Support Month Survey, a majority of parents shared that they've tried rocking their baby to sleep. This is one of the classic and go-to techniques for a lot of parents, made easier with SnuzPod’s rocking stand. Position your SnuzPod in standalone crib mode, ensuring it isn’t tethered to the bed, and gently rock the stand to encourage your little one to drift off.

Relaxing Bath

Incorporating a soothing bath time session into your little one’s bedtime routine can offer a lovely opportunity to pamper and bond with them. Just the act of gently rinsing and dabbing them in warm water with a gentle soap, drying off and dressing them for bed in a cosy set of jammies can prove to be a really special and relaxing experience for the both of you, that also sets them up nicely for a restful night’s sleep.


Baby Massage

Some parents like to include baby massage as an additional step in their baby’s bath and sleep routine to keep their skin soft and moisturised. There are many guides on how to do baby massage properly, so be sure to consult a professional if you’re not confident on technique.

There are also plenty of lush lotions and potions you can use to enhance the sensory experience and make it an all around more pampering and special experience for your little one, should you want to. However, be sure that anything you use is safe and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin. Done correctly, baby massage is a fantastic way to bond with your little one, and a sure-fire way to help get those eyelids fluttering before putting them to sleep in their SnuzPod

Story Time

While your newborn isn’t going to understand the words and stories you tell them just yet, talking to them in hushed tones before naptime will help signal to them that it’s sleepy time. Picking them a storybook to read can be good fun, and with the SnuzPod Storage Pocket you can keep your favourites close to hand every night for your special routine.


No Sleep Routine Is the Same

No baby is the same, and the same applies to sleep routines. Some of these tips and ideas might cross over, and some of them your baby simply won’t take to at all, and this is okay. Find what works for them, and for you, and you’ll find your way through. For more baby sleep content and advice, explore our Sleep Centre and follow us on Instagram today!

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