SnuzBaskit Modern VS Classic

It’s safe to say the traditional Moses basket has come a long way, from wicker to wood, and now KinderFelt™! We’re here to help guide you through the key differences between the modern Moses basket vs the classic wicker, but first things first, do you need a Moses basket? Some mums prefer their babies to sleep in a cot from day one, as it means not having to make the transition from a bedside crib to a cot later on. Others think their tiny newborn might feel lost in a cot and prefer the cosiness that a Moses basket provides. Neither option is more favourable, its totally up to you!



Traditional Moses baskets are made from natural materials such as palm, maize and wicker. All of which are sturdy and lightweight options for your little one. The traditional wicker style is timeless, making them a reliable choice when it comes to that all-important functionality and style. When considering which traditional Moses basket to go, palm leaf baskets tend to be a cheaper option, as palm leaves grow in abundance. However, if you plan to use the basket for siblings then wicker will last longer.

If you’re not a fan of wicker Moses baskets, why not consider a contemporary twist on the classic style and opt for a modern alternative like the SnuzBaskit. Made using KinderFelt™, a material crafted by Snuz, this contemporary Moses basket is at home in any space. KinderFelt™ is soft to the touch and has been made using 100% recycled materials.

The SnuzBaskit’s design maximises airflow and breathability for the safety and comfort of your baby. Its unique mesh window design means that the SnuzBaskit offers both visibility and enhanced airflow to help your baby sleep comfortably.

Included is a breathable 3D mesh mattress, helping regulate temperature, while providing comfort and that all important firm, flat sleep surface. With airflow holes in the base and the use of breathable materials, this modern basket has safety at its core.


Moses baskets serve as a portable cradle for your baby, with handles either side of the bassinet, you can easily carry the basket with you from room to room whilst your baby is catching those all-important Z’s!

The real beauty of a Moses basket is that your little one has a consistent sleep space. If you are heading over to the grandparents for dinner or some much needed down time, you can take your Moses basket with you, to ensure your baby sleeps comfortably in a familiar space in between all those cuddles!

When looking at the modern Moses baskets vs the classic, the portability is consistent throughout, however one feature that isn’t apparent across the board is the stand. Some Moses baskets do not have a direct stand to purchase alongside the basket. With SnuzBaskit, you have the option to purchase the basket on its own or with a stand. The stand is foldable for on-the-go storage and convenience, you’re welcome!



Every parent desires nothing but the best, safest and highest quality for their newborn baby. As a new parent, you may find yourself wondering whether all Moses baskets are the same size, and if so, which size should you go for?

Most Moses baskets are of a similar size. They are designed to be a small, cosy space for your little one to sleep. Your baby typically stays in a Moses basket for around 6 months, or until they are able to sit up independently (a scary thought we know). This can make your baby feel safer and more secure. The classic Moses basket dimensions are typically 80 X 43 X 25 cm. The SnuzBaskit is 45% larger and 20% lighter than traditional Moses baskets. Not only does this help with breathability and airflow, but it also provides a little more space as your baby grows.

If you’re expecting, then buying a Moses basket is a great way to ensure you’ve always got a cosy and portable space for your bubba to sleep. When it comes to style, this one is down to you! If you have any questions about our new product the SnüzBaskit, then feel free to reach out to us on our socials and be sure to tag us in your #MySnuz moments!

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