Your Newborn Baby Bedding Checklist

Getting things together for your new arrival can be stressful at the best of times. We know this, which is why we’ve put together a quick bedding checklist to ensure you’ll be #BedtimeReady when your little one arrives!


Your Baby Bedding Must-haves

Mattress protectors
Crib sheets
Cot sheets
Muslin cloths
Baby blankets
Baby sleeping bags
Baby sleep suits

When purchasing crib and cot sheets for your baby, be sure to check the size of your mattress and cot to ensure they will fit comfortably. Typically, it’s recommended that parents invest in 3-4 mattress protectors per crib or cot. This way, you can have one in use, one in the wash, and a couple of replacements in case of accidents or emergencies. There to protect your baby’s mattress from spills or staining, they’re an essential part of your baby’s bedding checklist.

Baby sleeping bags are a great investment, as they can prevent your little one from kicking any covers off during the night whilst keeping them snug. Ensure you have several togs to hand for use throughout the seasons.

Muslin cloths, as many a parent will rave about, are absolute life savers. Due to their versatile nature, they can be used as comforters, for dabbing spillages and cleaning your baby, shading and shielding when outdoors, or even swaddling. Basically, you can use them for pretty much anything, so you’ll probably want quite a few in for the amount you’ll get through and chuck in the wash.

Comfort is key

The most important thing is that your baby is comfortable and safe in their sleep environment. To learn more about how to keep them cosy throughout summer, winter, and all that’s in between, check out our blog for more baby sleep tips and advice.

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