Exploring 2020’s Hottest Nursery Design Trends

Decorating your baby’s first bedroom can be fun and stressful in equal measures. That’s why we’ve decided to keep things light by offering up a few 2020 nursery trends to tickle your brain and hopefully inspire your cutest DIY project to date!


New decade, new nursery trends! 

Decorating your baby’s first bedroom can be fun and stressful in equal measures. That’s why we’ve decided to keep things light by offering up a few 2020 nursery trends to tickle your brain and hopefully inspire your cutest DIY project to date!

Gender Neutrals

As of April 2019, grey was the best-selling colour across nursery products and décor at John Lewis. If this isn’t evidence of a veer towards more gender-neutral and muted nurseries, we don’t know what is!

However, while grey might be having its day, white is still the most searched for colour in nursery products across the board. ‘You really can’t go wrong with white’ says Snuz's Baby & Kids Style Consultant, Victoria Coutts. ‘There's no denying that stylish, simple nurseries in mostly greys and whites will be around for some time to come, yet.'


If you’re looking to mix and match, try pairing up with beige, taupe, white, and cream for a relaxing nursery aesthetic. Keep it classic, neutral and elegant. Fancy injecting a little colour? Add subtle pops of complimentary tones like sage green, pastel blue, honey yellow, or soft shades of mauve.

‘Unpainted wood is having something of a resurgence in the world of nurseries, with more of us now than ever wanting to create a natural feel to our home and to bring the outdoors in’ says Victoria. ‘Wood, real plants for air purification, as well as natural materials and colours are going to find their way into more nurseries.’

Somewhere Over the Rainbow 

Get creative with this fun and playful new nursery style trend! ‘Starting with an all-white canvas, add pops of bright sensory colour. Introduce rainbow print bedding and accessories, bright picture frames, and light fittings to take this trend to the next level’, suggests Victoria. ‘Mix rainbows with clouds and stars, fringing, and pom poms. Cute details like this will really bring the look to life.’


Reach for the Stars

Bring starry, celestial loveliness to your nursery with this twinkly and magical trend! ‘Look to the future with star and constellation prints.’ Suggests Victoria. ‘Keep it neutral and then mix with metallic, iridescent, or neon accessories for a look that is out of this world!’


From subtle starry hints to all out tributes to the night sky - look out for celestial motifs shooting across nurseries everywhere this year!


This year is all about spots… ‘The spotty trend has been a staple in the fashion world for the past 12 months and has now moved into the home’, says Victoria. ‘Spotted and dotted designs are classic, and never go out of fashion. Versatile enough to work in a wide range colour combos, they combine beautifully with abstract prints, stripes, and rainbows’.


Fancy injecting a bit of polka dot into your little one’s nursery? Keep it simple with Instagram-ready dotty bedding. Feeling artistic? Why not paint your nursery walls with a multitude of misshapen spots?

Also, don’t forget to look out for curvy furniture! If 2019 saw more homes embrace geometric patterns and straight, sharp edges, 2020 is the year of curvy round 0’s. Soft edges, bubble pop prints and polka-dot fun – the perfect vogue for baby bedrooms!

This trend isn’t specific to any particular colour either, and can be incorporated no matter what theme you decide to run with. So, juxtapose and soften those sharper geometric edges and stripes with dots, spots, and curves, and get experimenting with wallpaper and rug patterns. Play around with what works best, the colour and pattern combinations are endless!


Calming Lavender

Lavender has to be one of our favourite colours for the nursery this year, as it is very Snüz! A gender-neutral colour dependent on the colours you choose to mix it with, and the amount of it you use. 


‘Lavender with white and black is so cool!’ says Victoria. ‘Fresh lilac tones give a contemporary, optimistic feel. Lavender seems to have taken over the internet with searches for beauty and fashion, and is now set to take over the home, especially nurseries.’ 

Ensure your choice of lilac has a slight grey undertone to soften it, giving it a more contemporary look, which will also render it more versatile when styling your nursery.

Minty Fresh 

Gender neutral but with a modern twist, light and bright neo mint green is the coolest shade to enter the pantheon of pastel nursery shades.

Contemporary and extremely versatile, mint green can be paired with white, classic blue, or aquatic shades of teal to add an element of calm and grounding cool to more exotic palettes. For a fun pop of colour, introduce shades of coral, salmon, or peach quartz to bring the green to life. For a more feminine slant, introduce pastel pinks as a sweet yet subtle contrast.


‘Neo mint is also the perfect base for channelling the Soft Tropics trend. Think botanicals, as well as jungle flora and fauna for a cheeky yet carefree feel’, says Victoria. ‘Green promotes relaxation. It has a strong connection with nature and the environment, helping promote a sense of calm, clarity, and tranquillity which is perfect for your little ones sleep space.’

For this modern trend, don’t be afraid to introduce mixed metallics such as copper, gold, and silver. Want to get away from traditional white and cream shades? Opt for soft, muted greys and taupes to elevate this colour scheme instead and keep it feeling fresh and stylish.

Muted Clay

'Warm tones such as Muted Clay translate perfectly into the nursery', advises Victoria. 'Choose a soft tone, and team with white and neutrals for a clean, sunny look.' Alternatively, choose highlights in warm, natural shades of green, red, blue, yellow for a bolder look.


While the market is saturated in grey toned colours, Muted Clay and warm orange tones add warmth and a down-to-earth, timeless quality to the nursery. It makes the perfect backdrop for plants, purifying the air for your little one and bringing a true sense of natural calm.

Honey Yellow

Keep things warm and cosy with this calming ochre-based tone. Whilst this shade goes beautifully with classic, warm wood textures and colours, don’t be afraid to cool things off with grey and navy accents for a quirkier, more varied palette.


‘It makes a great highlight colour to add warmth to grey or white.' says Victoria. 'And, to be clear, this is definitely not just a colour for the colder months. Go mad for mustard any time of the year!’

Introduce cool silver alongside warmer copper tones and you’re flying! Have a play with hexagonal honeycomb patterns for a playful buzzing bee or bear cub theme, and don’t forget the cuddlies! Have fun with it!

Pantone's Colour of the year...Classic Blue


Pantone's colour of the year 2020 coordinates perfectly with a range of palettes. Neutrals, cool tones, as well as warmer, bolder shades. 'It all depends on the theme or style you're going for', says Victoria. 'This beautiful, calming colour is definitely not just for boys though, that's for sure!'

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