Geometrics to Shape Up Your Nursery Style

Is your nursery angling for a new look? Are you lining up your final purchases before baby’s big arrival? If you’ve been browsing baby bedding and nursery décor, you can’t fail to have noticed the geometrics trend.

Obviously, we love it. You might have seen geometric shapes make an appearance or two in our Designz bedding range. If you’re looking for some more geometric inspiration take a look at a few of our favourite finds below.



If subtle just isn’t your thing, how about this for a statement wall? Baby sure won’t be bored with these in the nursery! 

The team at Murals Wallpaper will even customise the colours to your choice; so if this rainbow look is just a bit too bold for your nursery space, you can always tone it down with blues or neutrals. 



Finally, how about some actual geometry? Don’t worry, no need for protractors here, we’re talking about these beautiful wooden blocks from Happy Little Folks. When it comes to our little ones, we love natural materials. These blocks use wood – carefully given a smooth and soft finish and painted with non-toxic, child-friendly paints of course.

They come in a range of fun colours and they’re perfect for stimulating baby’s imagination and creativity.



Finally, we just wanted to shine a light on this beautiful design job from Petite Interior Co. The blend of straight lines and angles with the softer clouds on the wallpaper is just perfect for an eye-catching nursery look. All wrapped together with soft pastels and metallics, this really stands out as on-trend and genuinely delightful!

Have you taken a geometric turn in your nursery design? We’d love to see your looks. Share your favourite geometric inspiration with us on Instagram with the hashtag #SnuzStyle



Triangles have a reputation as being a bit, well, pointy. But stick with us. Careful spacing, design and use of soft fabrics really help tone them down and make triangles interesting shapes for your little one to look around at rather than a sharp overbearing object.

We love these triangles from our Geo Mono Nursery Wall Stickers which can be used as wall decorations to suit your nursery space. Use your imagination and space them out – go random or make a pattern, get creative!

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