How To Sleep With A Pregnancy Pillow

So your ‘bump’ is getting bigger, and your body is changing in a big way! Your hips are starting to move, and there’s increasing pressure on your back and legs.

But it isn’t just physical change that is happening.

Mentally, this change during pregnancy is a lot for anyone to take on. Hormones can catch you off guard, and it’s perfectly normal to find yourself crying into a strawberry milkshake (been there?).

Suddenly, the pendulum of pregnancy hormones can bring on a tiredness that is more intense than any jet lag could serve you.

Sleeping when pregnant can feel strange, and then you find out that it’s super important to stay in a very specific sleep position when pregnant. You're counting sheep for two now, it’s a lot, and both posture and rest are more important than ever.

So it's important to be comfortable and also correct, to ensure you’re getting the best sleep when pregnant before baby arrives. How do you do this? With the use of a pregnancy pillow.


Why Use A Pregnancy Pillow?

Investing in a pregnancy body pillow will help take care of you whilst you are asleep. They ensure that you’re sleeping comfortably and in the correct way so you can recharge yourself and be ready for what tomorrow may bring.

Pregnancy body pillows are really useful throughout all stages of pregnancy, and will be more and more useful the bigger the bump gets. Any change to a routine can be awkward at first, so it’s a great idea to get into the habit of sleeping with a pregnancy pillow as early as you can, ideally in the first trimester.

Finding A Comfortable Pregnancy Pillow

First of all, let’s talk about the obvious, comfort! If your pregnancy pillow is not comfortable, it won’t help you sleep. The material should be breathable and soft, and you’re looking for a good balance of softness and structure to its shape.

Pregnancy pillows are super personal. There are so many different types of pillow out there, and we all have different preferences. With our pregnancy pillow, SnuzCurve, all the magic happens from the neck down, so it’s been designed to let you carry on using your existing pillow. Dreamy.


Using Shaped Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnant women and advice from medical professionals has shown that shaped pregnancy pillows matter. They’re designed to support your growing bump and changing shape, as well as your back and legs, something that offers much more than a traditional pregnancy pillow.

C’ shaped pillows offer full-body support, whilst a 'U' shaped pregnancy pillow wraps around you like a big cuddle.

The beauty of the SnuzCurve pregnancy pillow is that it’s a ‘C’ shaped pillow - with an extra bit. The top of the ‘C’ is designed for your head and neck, so you can carry on using your existing pillow. Sorted!

Whilst some u shaped pregnancy pillows only offer minimal body and leg support, the SnuzCurve prenancy support provides full-body support from your neck, all the way down. This means that you can move around during the night without having to adjust loads of different pillows, which is ideal if you’re a restless sleeper.

Pregnancy Pillow Positions

Okay, so let’s address the whole ‘pregnancy sleep position’ thing. The NHS recommend sleeping on your side whilst pregnant. Staying on your side makes sure that both oxygen and blood are flowing nicely to the bump, and it's also the most comfortable position for baby, too.

A full body pregnancy pillow should keep you in this position by giving you something between your knees, and also something on your side to hold.

SnuzCurve goes one step further with its KneeBlade, which gently guides your legs into that perfect sleep position.

The best pregnancy pillows go one step further.


Can Pregnancy Pillows Help?

The very best pregnancy pillows should take the pressure off your body whilst it’s under more strain than usual. SnuzCurve has been developed by a dream team (if you will) of Midwives, Chiropractors, Health Visitors, Physios, and also mums to be. All worked together to make sure the body pillow gives the maximum support possible when compared to a basic body pillow.

The cushioning between your legs keeps you sleeping on your side and takes the pressure off your hips and ankles, tackling those pregnancy leg cramps. Also, SnuzCurve’s upper core cushioning keeps your shoulders from rolling, and your spine in a neutral position, alleviating back pain.

You got this…

So as the next few months unfold, with all that’s going on in your body, just be kind to yourself. Put those feet up when you need to.

Listen to your body, and get yourself into some healthy sleep habits early on, because things will be that much easier when you’re sleeping right.


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