Your Guide to Buying Baby’s First Mattress

Did you know that on average, parents spend the most time researching prams, where babies spend a meagre 1-2 hours a day? The least researched product is baby's mattress, where the NHS says babies spend 8+ hours a day. There’s no doubt that many new parents are on a mission to get more zzz’s, so it surely makes sense to research the best mattress for your little one and find out what really goes on under the surface they lie on for over 8 hours every day. So, what do you need to consider when buying your baby’s first mattress?


Be Size Wise

For safety reasons, you must make sure whatever mattress you buy for your little one is the right fit for their sleep space.

Whether you're buying for a crib, cot, or cot bed - the fit of your baby’s mattress is a key aspect of ensuring a safe sleep environment. Ensure the gap between the mattress and the crib or cot is no more than 1cm wide to avoid trapped fingers and tears.

Mattress depth must also be considered, so be sure to check this with the mattress manufacturer to make sure you get the right fit all around. Most cribs and cots will come with user guides detailing recommended mattress sizing, though it’s always worth checking if you’re unsure.

Most importantly, there should be enough space between the top of the mattress and the cot to prevent your little one from climbing out.

Mattress Sizes

Crib : 36.5 x 80.5cm, 38 x 89cm, 46 x 82cm, 42 x 77.5cm, 83 x 50cm,
Cot : 60 x 120cm
Cot Bed : 70 x 140cm, 68 x 117cm, 70 x 132cm
Single Bed : 90x190cm, 90x200cm

What’s Under The Surface?

It’s so important to be aware of your baby’s mattress composition and how it affects the support being offered. This is why we’ve ensured our range of mattresses supports your little one through all their major milestones.

We offer a variety of mattresses for your baby’s crib, including natural mattresses handmade using only the best natural materials including comfy layers of lambs wool sandwiched between a luxury cotton cover. Along with our premium foam mattresses, SnuzSurface Air boasts an innovative 3D mesh cover for optimum comfort, whilst simultaneously providing the firm supportive core recommended by safe sleep experts.

Our SnuzSurface Duo, Pro, and Max mattresses combine the very latest technology to offer varied levels of support for your baby through the use of expertly layered foam and pocket springs for the ultimate in comfort for your little one. To learn more about the mattresses that make up our unique SnuzSurface range, be sure to read through our blog post detailing the features and benefits of each to see which is right for you and your little one.


Breathability & Your Baby

It’s important to ensure the mattress you invest in for your little one is highly breathable. Our range of SnuzSurface mattresses, for example, features a 3D breathable surface with a waterproof membrane, keeping your little one cool by helping with temperature regulation. They’re also ideal for any night time nappy leaks in the early days, and perfect during the potty-training years!

Quality & Longevity

On average, newborns tend to sleep between 11-16 hours a day, according to Babycentre. Sleep is such a cornerstone of your baby’s routine, that it makes sense to invest in a high-quality, comfortable mattress. A mattress with dual firmness such as our SnuzSurface Duo, for example, can be ideal for offering long-lasting, customisable support as your child grows.

How Long Do Baby Mattresses Last?

Our SnuzSurface Air and SnuzSurface Duo mattresses come with a 2-year guarantee, while our SnuzSurface Pro and SnuzSurface Max mattresses come with a 5-year guarantee. This way, parents can rest assured that their little ones will experience the ultimate comfort and support as they grow.


Caring For Your Mattress

To help your mattress last as long as possible, good mattress care is essential. Before using any of our cot, cot bed, or single mattresses, we suggest opening and unrolling them immediately, allowing them to rest flat for at least 7 days. All of our mattresses should be used with their mesh side facing up. If possible, we’d recommend airing your baby’s mattress a few times a week by removing any covers until you next use it to help keep the surface dry.

How do I Clean My Baby’s Mattress?

One of the amazing features of our SnuzSurface range is its unique machine-washable mesh cover. Washable at 40 degrees celsius, simply unzip the cover when accidents happen and let the washing machine do the rest. Be sure the cover is fully dry before using again. For dry spillages, hoover the surface of the mattress as needed.

Have it Covered

Though our SnuzSurface mattresses are waterproof, we always recommend pairing them with a mattress protector for ease of use, and to keep them in perfect condition. Many parents swear by having two to three mattress protectors to use in rotation should accidents occur, ensuring they’re always prepared!


Reuse or Buy

For health and safety reasons, it’s recommended that parents buy a new mattress per child. If this isn’t possible for you, do ensure the mattress you reuse is one you know the ownership and usage history of, that is clean and in suitable condition.

Explore Our Range

Featuring sizes that will see your baby from crib to cot, and into their first ‘big’ bed, SnuzSurface is designed to provide support where they need it most throughout their formative years. Be sure to visit our Sleep Centre for more information and advice on baby sleep, and explore our range of baby mattresses today.

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