The Importance of a Breathable Sleep Space for Your Baby

The NEW SnuzPod4 Bedside Crib is here, paving the way yet again with a forward-thinking re-design that’s bursting with innovative sleep-inducing features! Having spent two years carefully tweaking, testing, and re-designing, we’re excited to share the latest evolution of the UK’s leading bedside crib with the world.

One of the key features of SnuzPod4 is its improved breathability. But what is breathability, and why should it be a key feature in your baby’s sleep environment?


Regulating Your Baby’s Temperature

With newborns spending on average 16-18 hours a day sleeping, making sure their sleep environment is as safe as possible is pretty high priority for us.

Unlike adults, newborn babies are unable to regulate their temperature by themselves, so ensuring your baby isn’t too hot or cold is important for ensuring both safety and comfort. Health professionals recommend maintaining a comfortable room temperature of between 16-20 C° (61-68 F) as the ideal. Therefore, it’s generally good practice to monitor the temperature of your baby’s sleep environment by way of thermometers, checking in on them regularly, and making sure they’re wearing the right tog sleeping bag.

Carefully consider the placement of your crib when used in standalone mode. It’s important that it’s kept away from radiators or heaters of any kind to avoid overheating. Similarly with windows due to drafts, try and make sure your little one is kept at a consistent temperature while they sleep.

Creating a Breathable Sleep Space for your Baby

Breathability means the ease with which air circulates freely, and plays a part in aiding temperature regulation by ensuring increased air-flow.


Enter ComfortAir™ Breathable System. Unique surface-level air-flow vents allow air to pass through the crib at surface level where your baby rests, while an air-permeable mesh liner can be easily unzipped and machine washed to keep things fresh and free from bacteria.


Designed to sit beneath your baby as they sleep, breathable holes in the base of the crib provide improved ventilation for better breathability. Together these innovative features help regulate baby's temperature for a great night’s sleep. Pair this with an improved mattress, complete with a breathable 3D mesh surface for enhanced support, and a machine washable cover — SnuzPod4 promises comfort, breathability, and safety all in one expertly designed crib.

Keep Them Cosy & Comfortable

With bedside cribs such as SnuzPod4, the inclusion of breathable materials and features like ComfortAir and the dual-view mesh sides are all designed to promote breathability and temperature regulation. However, your baby’s bedding is also important, with materials such as cotton being better for breathability, not to mention much softer and more gentle on your baby’s skin.


When it comes to night time accidents, we’ve got you covered. Our mattress protectors are made from using a waterproof layer crafted from a certified waterproof membrane, sandwiched by a layer of luxury cotton. The cotton absorbs any accidents, keeping your baby clean and dry for a comfortable night's sleep. We strongly recommend the use of a mattress protector alongside the rest of your baby’s bedding to keep their mattress clean and dry for a better night’s sleep.

At Snuz, we're committed to making your baby’s sleeping environment as safe and comfortable as possible. With babies spending so much of their time asleep in their first few months of life, their crib might be the most important purchase you make. To learn more about the benefits of bedside cribs, safe sleep and more, browse our Sleep Centre today.

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