Your Newborn Baby Sleep Essentials

This is it, the due date is fast approaching and there’s still some things you need to grab and prep before baby’s epic arrival. When it comes to baby bits, we know there’s a lot.

So, we’ve narrowed things down for you a bit. At least when it comes to sleep, we’ve got you covered. Just the essentials, we promise!

A Place To Sleep

So for the past few months your little one has been living and growing in the cosy yet cramped environment of your womb. It’s a tough one to top, but since your little one will be spending a lot of their time snoozing in their first few months with you, it makes sense to make sure their sleep environment is as comfortable and cosy as possible for them.


This is where SnuzPod comes in. Allowing you and baby to sleep close to one another safely, its zip-down wall and dual mesh windows ensure you can always keep an eye on one another, making the first few months of bonding extra special.

The lift-off bassinet also means your baby will have a consistent and familiar sleep environment, whether they’re by your bedside, or napping in the living room while you put your feet up.

Working as both a bedside crib and standalone crib to meet all your baby’s naptime needs, there’s also a handy reflux tilt feature to ensure maximum comfort for your little one. Easy to assemble, and available in a range of colours to suit a variety of homes and colour-schemes, SnuzPod will forever and always top our list of Sleep Essentials and must-haves for your newborn.

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Something To Sleep In

We often hear parents say they wish SnuzPouch came in adult sizes, and for good reason! Super cosy and stylish to boot, SnuzPouch makes sure your little one can stay cosy and snug during the night, allowing for minimal disturbance with its handy nappy change zip.


Available in a range of Togs for use all-year-round, SnuzPouch is definitely up there as one of our newborn essentials. With sizes ranging from 0-6 and 6-18 months, you’re little one is sure to get plenty of wear out of theirs, and as a parent, you’ll notice the difference when it comes to night changes! Convenient and stylish, SnuzPouch is available in a variety of different patterns to suit a range of tastes.

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A Helping Hand

Our 3rd and final newborn essential is our favourite cuddly nighttime friend, SnuzCloud! An adorable sleep aid to help your little one off to the land of nod, it features pink noise among its 4 available sound options, which also include a soothing heartbeat, relaxing waterfall, and calming lullaby. With easy-to-use adjustable volume, parents can ensure sound effects are just gentle enough to lull baby into a restful slumber.


The only baby sleep aid to have two light options, SnuzCloud has parents and babies covered no matter the occasion. Choose the calming pink glow that lights SnuzCloud’s fluffy cheeks to help your little one wind down. Designed to mimic the ambience of the womb that newborns are so accustomed to, it’s an extremely comforting colour, particularly during the fourth trimester. Perfect as a baby shower gift, or to add to your own baby shower list, SnuzCloud will be a great addition to your baby’s bedtime routine.

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