How to Organise Your Baby’s Nursery – 8 Tips from Nursery Experts

Babies come with a lot of stuff, and before you know it, their room will be filled with everything from clothes and bedding to nappies and teddies. So where on Earth are you supposed to put it all? We’ve roped in the help of our nursery experts for this one.

Here at Snüz, our mission is to help you create a nursery that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Whether you're a first-time parent or an experienced one, stick around as we share our top tips for purposefully designing an organised nursery.


#1 Practical Furniture Layout

Having a practical layout for your nursery furniture, sometimes called zoning, can help create specific areas in the room for various activities such as sleeping, playing, changing nappies, and feeding. This strategic placement and organisation of furniture and accessories create clearly defined zones that can streamline your daily routine and make the nursery more functional.

For example, having a clearly defined sleep zone with the cot or crib, nightlight, and baby monitor can minimise disturbances when it's bedtime, and positioning this part of the room near the door means easier access for night feeds.

Alternatively, a dedicated changing zone, complete with a changing table, nappies, wipes and creams, ensures everything you need is at hand during changing times.

Organising baby nursery furniture in this way makes the whole room much more functional and easier to use. With everything organised with practicality in mind, you can manage tasks more efficiently, and the nursery becomes a much nicer place to be.

An organised nursery fosters a sense of calm and comfort, stimulating your child's developing senses.

#2 Organise Clothes in the Wardrobe


Having a cute wardrobe to keep your little one’s clothes and baby sleeping bags in is ideal in an organised nursery. However, we all know how quickly and easily these wardrobes can become a disorganised mess of hastily tidied baby grows and outfits.

The key to a happy and stress-free life with your baby is to stay on top of the spaces you can’t see. While “out of sight, out of mind” might sound ideal when you’re sleep deprived and your baby’s just gone down for the night, trust us when we say, future you won’t thank you for it!

Every time your baby has a growth spurt, it’s a great opportunity to reorganise their wardrobe with their new clothes.

With the SnüzKot and SnüzFino Wardrobes, you can adjust the shelves and rails to best suit the types of clothes your baby is wearing at different times of the year and stages of their development. They also feature a large drawer that provides plenty of additional storage.

We recommend investing in some beautiful hangers for your baby’s wardrobe to help you stay motivated to keep it organised.

#3 Take Advantage of Multi-Purpose Furniture

When you’re thinking about the furniture you’re buying for your nursery, it’s easy for parents to get tunnel vision for the essentials. Although it’s important to make sure you’ve got the essentials, like a crib and changer table, it’s also important to think about how you can get the most out of these purchases.

A great example of this is our SnüzFino and SnüzKot changing units – both of which feature three deep drawers that are perfect for storing all your baby changing essentials in the early months. They can then be used to provide plenty of space for your little one's bedding and baby clothes as they grow.

The changing frame on the top is removable on both changing units, so you can convert them into standalone dressers once your little one is out of nappies., The SnüzFino unit also features additional storage space at the back for those extra bits and pieces that don't have a place to go.

Adapting the Nursery for Different Stages

When setting up your nursery, think about how each piece of furniture can adapt and grow with your child.

Cot beds that can be converted into junior beds will be a real saviour, saving you from having to purchase an entire new bed and spend the time setting it up. Instead, you can use a handy conversion kit to transform their crib so it’s suitable for every stage of their life.

Our SnüzKot is the ultimate piece of nursery furniture that grows with your child, transforming from baby's first bed to a toddler bed and a junior bed with our simple extension kits.

The SnüzFino is another great choice and super popular with parents who love a modern interior. With our separate extension kit, this cot can be converted into a toddler bed for your child until they're 4 years old.

Thinking about how the room will be used as your little one grows is also key to keeping the room as functional as possible through all stages of your baby's development.

Note: It's important to consider safety when adapting the nursery for different stages. As your child becomes more mobile and curious, make sure all furniture is securely anchored to the wall and any potential hazards

#4 Use Storage Boxes For Extra Toys

A clutter-free nursery is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also promotes safety and makes navigating the room much easier for parents. As a first-time parent, you may have vastly underestimated the amount of stuff your baby comes with. Thankfully, there are some easy ways to keep your nursery looking neat and tidy

Storage boxes are life savers when it comes to keeping your nursery organised and easy to navigate. One of the most convenient uses for storage boxes is to store your little one’s extra toys.

When you have a baby, toys seem to multiply around you no matter how hard you try to keep it under control. The great thing about babies is that they don’t really have a grasp of object permanence. This means you can store their extra toys in stackable storage boxes while they’re not in use.

You can maintain the aesthetic of your nursery with versatile containers in various sizes and designs to match nursery décor.

Storage boxes are also useful for storing extra clothing that your little one hasn’t quite grown into yet, so you’re ready and prepared for their next growth spurt!

#5 Make the Most of Vertical Space


When you’re planning your nursery, the first things you’ll think about are the essentials, like the crib, the changing table, and a feeding chair. Once you’ve put these large items of furniture in the room, you might find you’re short on space for storage.

While floor space might be at a premium, vertical space is likely to be relatively available. This is where tall, narrow pieces of furniture or wall-mounted furniture and storage can be incredibly useful.

Shelves and bookcases are perfect for storing toys, books, and other nursery essentials without taking up as much floor space as a chest of drawers or a toy trunk. Wall-mounted shelving is ideal for smaller nurseries as it can be placed around the room above other pieces of furniture and doesn’t encroach on the space in the room.

#6 Section Drawer Space

Our biggest piece of advice when it comes to keeping your nursery drawers organised is drawer dividers.

No matter what system of organisation you opt for – either grouping colours, materials, or styles together – the one thing you should have is a divider to keep everything sectioned and separate.

#7 Store Bedding Together

Storing all your baby’s bedding together can make a significant difference in maintaining an orderly nursery and streamlining your parenting routine. Those drawer organisers will come in handy here!

With a dedicated space for all things bedding, such as sheets, blankets, and mattress protectors, you always know where to find these essentials, particularly during those middle-of-the-night emergencies.

Organising these items together also simplifies laundry days, as you can wash and replace them all at once, reducing the chance of misplacing items or running out of clean bedding.

Also, as your child grows, having a specific storage area for bedding allows you to easily upgrade from swaddles to larger blankets and duvets, keeping everything in one place and ensuring a smooth transition.

#8 Use Storage Pockets


The most important aspect of keeping your nursery organised and practical is to keep the things you use most on hand at all times. This is where our SnüzPod Storage Pocket comes in handy.

This convenient and stylish pocket simply attaches to your SnüzPod to keep everything you need to deal with night feeds and nappy changes where you need it, so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark.

This little pocket features 2 x elasticated mesh pockets for holding bottles, nappies, and wipes, and has a large inside zip pocket that’s ideal for storing breastfeeding snacks, muslin cloths, and anything else you might need.

There’s even a special dummy pocket to ensure instant comfort is always on hand.

Our SnüzPod pockets can be detached from the bedside crib and used as a changing bag during the day to save you time and make getting out of the house easier.

Make Parenthood Easier With an Organised Nursery

By implementing strategic design, smart storage, and safety measures, you can make your parenting journey in the nursery much easier. A well-organised nursery creates an inviting, safe, and functional space that fosters your child's growth and development.

Explore our range of contemporary and stylish baby nursery furniture online at Snüz today!

Why not check out our blog for more baby nursery layout ideas and pregnancy advice?


On top of a nursery dresser, you can place essential items like a changing mat, baby wipes, nappies, and creams for easy access during changing times. Additionally, small toys or comforters can be handy to distract your baby during changes. Remember to keep any potentially dangerous items out of your baby's reach. Once your baby doesn't need changing, it can be a convenient storage space for books and toys.

It's advisable to start organising your nursery around the mid-pregnancy mark after you've found out the sex of your baby if you choose to know. This gives you ample time to plan, purchase necessary items, and set up the room without rushing. Check out our nursery prep timeline to help you get organised.

A cot should ideally be placed in a quiet, cool spot away from sources of direct sunlight, heat, or cold. It should also be at a safe distance from hazards such as windows, blinds, or cords. Avoid placing the cot near furniture that the baby could use to climb out once they get older. Lastly, the positioning should provide a clear view of the cot from your standpoint for easy monitoring.

Yes, you can utilise the space under your baby’s bed for storage. Ideal items for under-bed storage are less frequently used items such as outgrown clothes or bulk supplies. Always ensure the storage method is safe and does not interfere with the bed's stability.

Spare bedding can conveniently be stored in storage boxes under the crib. This optimises space and keeps linens dust-free and easily accessible. It's a sensible choice if you're short on storage space in other areas of the nursery. Always ensure the boxes are secure and not obstructing the safety of the crib.

Extra toys can be stored in designated storage boxes or baskets, which can be neatly tucked away under furniture or stacked in a corner when not in use. Consider rotating the toys regularly to keep your baby's interest. For toys your child has outgrown, consider donating, selling, or storing them for future use or for younger siblings.

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