Snuz's 12 Nursery Set Up Essentials Every Parent Should Have

It can seem like you need to prepare a million and one things when you’re expecting a new baby, especially when it comes to setting up their nursery.

It can be challenging to stay on top of it all, so the team at Snuz has put together the best nursery essentials to help make your life a little easier when it comes to getting everything ready for your bundle of joy.

There are a few keynursery set up essentials that every parent needs to ensure that their baby's space is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Sure, you can purchase as much or as little as you like, but these 12 items are truly essential and should be considered a must-have for any nursery set up. And what's better, you can find most of these items at Snuz.

1) Baby Crib or Cot Bed

First things first, your baby will need somewhere to lay their little head. Cribs come in all shapes and sizes, with designs that range from modern to classic, so you’ll be sure to find one that fits perfectly in your nursery.

At Snuz, we have a fantastic collection of cribs, all crafted with your baby at the centre of each design. The modern and Scandi-inspired baby furniture will look great in any home, no matter what your nursery design is.

And because we know that parents are always looking for ways to save money, our SnuzFino and SnuzKot cot beds have additional extension packs so that you can transform the cot into a full-size toddler bed (SnuzFino) and even a junior bed (SnuzKot)!

Or, the SnuzPod bedside crib is perfect for parents who want to keep their sleeping baby close by at night.


2) Changing Table

When your baby is born, you’ll need to change their diaper every few hours. Investing in a changing table is a great way to keep everything clean and organised, as well as allow your baby to have their own special space.

A dresser changer is a perfect way to combine storage and changing needs in one stylish piece of furniture. It gives you plenty of space for all your baby's changing necessities, from nappies to lotions and wipes.

Plus, when your little one no longer needs changing, you can use the dresser as storage for their clothes and toys. A changing table from Snuz is designed to last with your child through their early years and beyond.

3) Wardrobe

You may be surprised at how quickly your baby’s wardrobe can grow, especially if people are gifting you lots of clothes. A wardrobe is a great way to store all those tiny outfits and keep them organised until your baby grows into them.

Choose a baby wardrobe that comes with plenty of space and adjustable shelving, like the SnuzKot wardrobe.

The same minimal design that is featured in the SnuzKot Cot Bed and Changing Unit will also be found in this wardrobe, and you can get all three items as a SnuzKot nursery set – saving you money and making your nursery furniture look super stylish.


4) Mattress and Mattress Protector

Once you've settled on a crib or cot bed, you'll need to invest in a suitable mattress for your baby. When it comes to crib and cot mattresses, not all are created equal. Look for mattresses that are firm, breathable and made of non-toxic materials.

Whilst shopping for a mattress, be sure to pick up a mattress protector too. These are great for keeping moisture away from the mattress and make it easier to clean when accidents happen.

5) Baby Duvet or Sleeping Bag

Make sure that your baby is as warm and cosy as possible when they sleep with a suitable duvet or sleeping bag. As babies can’t regulate their own body temperature, they need an extra layer of warmth that is lightweight yet effective.

A baby sleeping bag is perfect for this, as it keeps your baby's legs and arms tucked in, meaning that the little one can't kick off their blankets during the night.


6) Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are an essential part of your baby's bedding and will come in handy when you’re changing the bedding regularly.

Your baby's fitted sheets should be soft, breathable, and made of non-toxic materials. Look for sheets that are easy to put on and washable in the machine, making changing time a breeze.

7) Sleeping Aid

Babies can have a hard time getting used to sleeping independently. A sleep aid is an excellent way to help your baby to relax and feel secure when going off to the land of nod.

A SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid has four soothing sounds and a soft nightlight to help your baby drift off to sleep.

You can attach it to the side of your baby's crib or cot bed; great for keeping your peace of mind and ensuring that your little one has the most peaceful sleep.


8) Nightlight

No nursery is complete without a nightlight. Not only do they provide a soft glow in the dark, but they can also be used as a way to soothe your baby and make them feel safe at night.

Look for a nightlight that isn't too bright but still provides enough light to help you find your way around during night feeds

9) A Mobile

An essential item for every nursery is a mobile – not only are they fun and colourful, but they also help to stimulate your baby's vision and encourage them to track moving objects.

Choose a mobile that can be easily attached above the crib or cot bed so that your baby can watch it as they drift off to sleep.

A Snuz Baby Mobile is designed for use with the SnuzPod and SnuzKot and has plush stars and moons that your baby will love watching. You can get our baby mobile as part of a SnuzPod4 Complete Bundle!

This nursery set has everything you need to create a calming, comfortable and safe bedside crib for your baby - from the crib itself to the fitted sheets.


10) Extra Storage Space

Depending on how much room you have to work with, extra storage space can be an added bonus in a baby's nursery.

Whether you're looking for drawers and cabinets or just some additional hanging space, find something that works with the design of your nursery and will make life easier when it comes to storing things like clothes, toys, bedding and more.

11) Baby Monitor

Many parents consider a baby monitor to be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping an eye on their little one.

A baby monitor will allow you to check up on your baby during the night or when you're busy with other tasks around the house. Look for a monitor that has features such as two-way audio, temperature monitoring and night vision technology.

12) Rocker or Glider Chair

Rocking chairs or glider chairs are a great addition to any nursery. They are perfect for nursing and soothing your baby, as well as providing some much-needed relaxation time for you!

Look for a chair that is comfortable, supportive and easy to clean, as well as one that fits with the design of your nursery.

Final Thoughts: Preparing for Your Nursery Set Up

Preparing for your baby's nursery can be a fun and exciting experience, as well as a practical one.

By having the right items in place, you'll be able to create a safe and comfortable environment for your little one. From cribs, fitted sheets, mobiles and sleeping aids to storage space for all your baby's belongings, Snuz has everything you need to create your dream nursery set up.

With our nursery set bundles and carefully selected items, you can rest assured that your baby will have the best night's sleep and all the comforts they need to feel safe and secure in their new home.

Shop Snuz's stylish range of nursery furniture sets and bundles here!


Begin by placing your baby's crib near the door of the room in an area that won't be too close to windows or other sources of drafts. Add a soft rug, nightlight and curtains for extra comfort.

Place storage space nearby for easy access, and make sure you have all the necessary items, such as fitted sheets, mobiles and sleep aids for your baby's nursery set up.

The essential items you'll need for setting up your baby's nursery include a crib or cot bed, fitted sheets, sleeping aids, a nightlight, a mobile and extra storage space. You may also want to consider adding a baby monitor for added peace of mind.

Choosing a dresser that doubles as a changing table can be a great way to save space. A Snuz changing table is perfect for storing all your baby's clothes, blankets and accessories and provides you with a comfortable space for changing nappies.

It's best to get your nursery furniture set up as soon as possible, ideally at least two months before the baby arrives. This gives you enough time to arrange it properly and make sure everything is in perfect working order.

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